You Want to What?

You want to sit? In this chair? Now? But… but that would mean my associate and I would have to… to… (shudder) move!

Via Gabriel Gonzalez.



  1. This is the cat’s seat.

  2. SlaveToCat says:

    You know, you look much taller and thinner when I tilt my head like this. Are you sure you still want us to move?

  3. The catbird seat is over there.

  4. And sitting on the floor is not good enough for you,why…?

    This is exactly the same look my cat gave me when he used to steal my seat if I got up to go to the bathroom.

  5. kibblenibble says:

    Synchronized kitty baroos!

  6. Kitler!

  7. Marus?

  8. Who would have a heart to ask them to move?

  9. I wish CO comments had a Like button.

  10. rescue gal says:

    I guarantee the answer will be “Find another seat”!

  11. Where do the cats sit in my house?
    Anywhere they damn well please, thank you very much!

  12. emmberrann says:

    “This is the cats’ seat.” There are more than one cat on the seat. And they are in possession of it. And you go find someplace else to sit.

  13. Yes, and no. I want to show my appreciation for comments that really add to the dialog, all the time; but then again I don’t need CO to copycat Facebook. And I like that people actually type coherent sentences here, rather than just clicking on things. You know, more or less. 😉

  14. Yes, there is more than one cat on the seat.

  15. Haha – I thought that when I saw the stache, too.

  16. Deborah Darsie says:

    More like *Anywhere* I recently got up from – because it is the warmest spot.

  17. Oh, your cat is so polite! Mine just give me the Stink Eye (Registered Trademark) 🙂

  18. He doesn’t bother with the Stink Eye; he just steals your seat or your bed. And if you even attempt to move him to the side so that you can share the seat, he adopts this incredulous expression on his face that those cats in the picture above have.

  19. emmberrann says:

    Aherm. *Adjusts pince-nez* This circumstance requires the plural possessive, S apostrophe, NOT the singular possessive, apostrophe S.
    Another Grammar Geek

  20. emmberrann says:

    (Applauds Theo’s comments.)

  21. DewiCasGwent says:

    But even the most eliquent of us are rendered blabbering squeeing idiots by CO, So ‘I love this and will respond once my brain has recovered’ button could be useful.
    PS do we have to salute?

  22. Fird Birfle says:

    Actually, after I read this dialogue and went off doing the first few items from my Monday Morning Leslie (oops Fird) Agenda ….it occurred (sp?) to me …did Meg and co consider making something that could actually be specific like that or does that turn out to be a Pain in the Youknowwhere??

    Like, not voting “I like”/ “I don’t like” but instead

    “This item changed my perspective”. Or something like that.


    nah probably trying to be too philosopjcal for a Cuteness webpage I guess ….

  23. So funny, yet so true.

  24. We experimented with a “thumbs up/thumbs down” system offered by WordPress in 2011, and it was not well received by commenters who were hurt to see their comments voted down. If the system had just been a “Like” button, similar to Facebook’s, that might have worked better, but I think that wasn’t an option.

  25. fleurdamour says:

    My favorite part of The Canterbury Tales (Caterbury?) is when someone wants to sit on a bench so he “droof the cat away.” Some things are timeless.

  26. I was going to say, proof that kitties DO baroo!!!!!

  27. I was coming here to say just that, kibblenibble 🙂

  28. NOMTOM, you’re posts are always my favorite! 😀

  29. If you’re keeping track, count me in the pile of people against the up/down or “like” button only.

    In my opinion, that system is useful for sites where people actually have debates about topics. There it’s useful to filter out high quality arguments or get an idea of what the general consensus is.

    Here, people generally agree that the photo posted is cute, and people share stories about their own pets, so it’s not really a debate environment, per se.

  30. See how much better that “Like” this is? Hehe.

  31. Fair point.

  32. …and no. I’m a Non-Commissioned Officer.

  33. Right, Mike – it was a short-lived voting plugin. Turns out, a human moderator was preferable. 😉

  34. Agreed re: “debate environment”. I always thought of CO more as a giant open-invitation dinner party, featuring a non-stop Westminster Dog Show (and All Other Cute Creatures show), as opposed to a city council meeting or public hearing.

  35. But Theo, my dad was a Non-Com CSM & everyone saluted him! Maybe we need to invent a computer short-cut for salute: \ or 0\ as if “right hand to forehead” ??
    I’d be happy to salute you !! 🙂 😉

  36. These 2 share the exact kind of patterns my 2 kittehs have. One is B&W with a half ‘stache, while the other is white with a very similar color pattern, albeit in a different shape.
    LURVES them!

  37. Reminds me we’re all (or mostly) human, and therefore entitled to an opinion, even if the opinion is misguided or something.

  38. I second, third, fourth, and completely concur with Iva!

  39. Please re-adjust your pince-nez and focus your Grammar Geekiness on “There are more than one cat on the seat.”

  40. OMG

    ^oo^ that HAS to be wun uv THA funniest and most-UNexpected laughter moments I’ve ever enjoyed here in Cuteville.

    “Please *RE*- adjust your pince-nez”


  41. Back on topic, this is why I sit on the edge of my office chair at home so as not to disturb the cat.

    We all do this, don’t we?

  42. There’s a topic?

  43. When I see NOMTOM’s byline, I always try to read the text before looking at the picture, because the picture is usually a perfectly-set-up punch line.