Would You Like To Ride In Ma Bootyful Balloon?

Ah don’t cares eef eet wuz for the hoomin’s birthday last month. Eet’s MINE.

Cuteporter Laura let us know ’bout this one, saying “This is Nala. Chexjc posted a picture of her holding a balloon on Reddit, saying that the cat has been dragging the balloon everywhere for the last month. When people didn’t believe this was true, chexjc posted video evidence. The video turned out better than anyone could have predicted.” Post title inspired by the 5th Dimension.



  1. Aww, kitten looks so worried when she accidentally let go.

  2. GO Nala & Chexjc, GO !!!!
    That balloon bettah RECA’NIZE who is IN CHARGE ‘roun that apartment !!!!!

  3. but helium balloons don’t stay buoyant for more than a day or so… something about the story ain’t true! but the kitty is cute, and that’s what really matters 🙂

  4. that is beyond cute…cute just diminishes what this is! Mi-AW!!

  5. SlaveToCat says:

    Would you like to ride… In my beautiful balloon. Would you like to glide…
    In my beautiful balloon. We could float among the stars… Together you and I.
    For we can fly, Up, up and away, In my beautiful, my beautiful balloon.

  6. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    If you read the comments on reedit, it’s actually a Mylar balloon, which last a lot longer.

  7. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Reddit. Sigh.

  8. I’ve had Mylar balloons last for weeks. If they’re sealed well, they’ll float for quite a while.

  9. My cat does the exact same thing. Runs up and down the halls holding the balloon string in his mouth!

  10. Nala is so proud!!! A real beauty.

  11. Mary (the first) says:

    I love cats so much!!

  12. Super cute, but I just paid $2000 to have a couple feet of balloon ribbon surgically removed from my cats stomach. He almost died. I don’t recommend what these folks are letting their cat do.


  14. Soon we will have a serious helium shortage in medicine and industry (true fact), but if some of it is being used to entertain cats, I suppose it’s worth it.

  15. Nala looks very proud of herself with that balloon. Can’t say that I blame her. 🙂

  16. Cats are weird 😉

  17. Good thing that Nala doesn’t *eat* the curly ribbon attached to that balloon like my childhood cat did. (Sneaky girl got into the Christmas presents when she was about six months old.) It’s no fun extracting undigested ribbon from the business end of a kitty, but we were lucky it made it through! (Sorry for the mental image!)

    It looks like proud Nala is supervised in her balloon-and-string play. 🙂

  18. That is very very cute!

  19. The sproining action and the persistence of Nala are impressive! 🙂 Pretty kitty!

  20. Yes, they are and that’s why we love them! 🙂

  21. [snkkr] “bootyful” [snerk]

  22. You don’t need Reedit 😉 to see it’s one of those printed foil jobbers.

  23. lol

  24. Fird Birfle says:

    LUV that song so very very moische. Yup I’m as Old as Dirt. and a Ridiculously Gullible Romance Sucka.

  25. StormCat42 says:

    I used to do this with my fuzzies when they were little… We’d buy a mylar balloon, tie a feather to the end of the string and watch the fun… We lived in a 2 story house at the time… One Kitteh would grab the feather and you’d see the balloon wander down the stairs… Little while later, you’d see a different Kitteh bringing it back up the stairs… If you sat just right in the living room, all you could see was the balloon floating doooooowwwn the stairs, then a little while later, floating back uuupppp the stairs! Best $3 we ever spent!! LOL

  26. I remember hearing that song on the radio 😀

  27. Same here 😀

  28. ICK 😦 Well, I hope your childhood cat did not repeat that 😦 Poor kitty 😦

  29. 😆 I wish you had videotaped that, StormCat42 😆 It would of been fun to see 😆

  30. I just had a honey boo boo moment,when I read your comment!

  31. Fird Birfle says:


  32. Me too. At least I’m not alone in my oldness.

  33. Older than dirt here, I guess. Remember “Aquarius”?
    My first real crush was to the tune of Rod Stewart’s “Maggie Mae”…

  34. Ohhh I’m floating awayyyy. Balloonsssssss. (Thank you for momentary fantasy!) -from another dirt person

  35. Apparently there are several of us here who are ‘of a certain age,’ as they say.

  36. I don’t know why anyone would have trouble believing it. What kitty could resist dangling strings? Heck, I’m fighting off a pair of cats every time I want to tie my damn shoes!

  37. j’ai un mot, Juno: VELCRO !!!!

    (that is unless somehow you ENJOY the kittayes playin’ wif yer shooz…..)

  38. that’s a RELIEF to me!!! But wow how did the numbers (in my “Age” bos
    get so high????


  39. *sigh* again.

    “Age BoX” NOT “BoS”

    grumblemuttergripe bellyachin’ …

  40. Maybemaybeknot says:

    My late cat Rose E. Budd used to pull a balloon around the house, when we had one for her! 🙂