Yeah, A Little Late To This Party

On the meme-crazed Interwebs, there’s always a Next Big Thing. Last year it wuz the Gangnam dude. This year, we’re all going UPTOWN TO HARLEM.

Video from Beechave and spotted by Dear Leader. The song in question is from Baauer, available on iTunes, natch.



  1. Favorite version!

  2. Theres a kitty cat version of this too!

    The things you miss when your computer crashes…I need to catch up on all these harlem shake videos!

  3. My fave version has a washing machine. 😀

  4. I still don’t get this craze, but this is by far the cutest I’ve seen.

  5. I didn’t know anything about this craze but if it involves cute puppers I’m willing to learn!

  6. Tinkertoki says:

    I’ve had enough of these videos, but this one… this one I like!!! I have a soft spot for Yorkie’s.

  7. this meme went through the interwebs like a nyeeerowww through a goose

  8. Now please somebody make one with KITTEHS! 😀

  9. The washing machine is an absolute classic!!! But kittehs! Where? Must search for that version, like now!

  10. Ah, I found the one with kittehs! Love the kitteh on the table, on his/her backlegs. 🙂

  11. This is my new favorite:

  12. Aren’t these all the same kitteh?

  13. Apparently,peopple in Harlem are saying “we dont dance like that!”

  14. 😯

  15. Fird Birfle says:

    oh trina from that comment, PLEASE go to this video and watch this. I think it might have occurred (sp?) in Oklahoma City …anyhow it began from a real news story; she had to get herself out of a bldg on fire and this lady who was interviewed became all popular on the ‘Net: I DO NOT envy nor mock the lady’s experience and I honestly thank G-d she is safe. I don’t think she’s dumb so I mean no harm HOWEVER

    THIS THANG \ IZZ FUNNEEE Both the orig interview and really the mix they made from it is fun!!!