We’re Off to C the Blizzard

Now that Winter Storm Nemo is history, Winter Storm “Q” has arrived! A name which begs to ask, Y? It’s quirky, it’s quaint. We like to think it’s “Q” for Qte.

Dakota B.’s pup says this storm is like Deja Q all over again.



  1. My first guess was “Q” from James Bond.

  2. quiverin’ cutcles, it’s quold…

  3. Puppeh ees so wonderfully scruffy.

  4. I went Star Trek TNG route—Q, omnipotent and blows in out of seemingly nowhere to wreak havoc. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q_(Star_Trek)

  5. If it dumps 30 inches of these puppies on me this time, I’m completely and enthusiastically in and ok with this.