Able To Leap Tall Couches At A Single Bound!

Happy Birthday (eet wuz Thursday) to Super-Puppeh Kodie!
[A…..SUPERMAN OUTFIT. And here I thought Superdog was “Krypto.” -Ed]



Angela C., give him a Super Snausage for us, OK?



  1. I can’t begin to describe how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kodie!! Happy birthday! I love this puppeh.

  2. Au secours! Help!
    I’m being held captive by 7 cats!
    Come and save me Super Kodie!

  3. I thought Kodie was a girlie pup all this time! Doesn’t matter, this little one is just about as precious as you can get! Belated happy birfday 🙂

  4. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    My, what sort of shampoo & conditioner does she use? Her hair is so soft & shiny.

  5. Kodie's mom says:

    Kodie has very sensitive skin. After testing so many pet shampoos, I am using Aveeno’s Baby Wash and Shampoo. No conditioner~~
    I cook his food, all organic – 30% lean meat and 70% vegetables, plus RX Essential vitamins for dogs. Maybe that contributes to his shiny coat^^

  6. Hmmmm….Everyone… Me, Kodie is a Boy! I have a Yorkie topknot~~
    Notice I never wear Pink?? ^^ Thank You for Loving Me~~

  7. Hmmmm….… It’s Me, Kodie!
    Although I have a Yorkie topknot~~ and Have a pretty face with long eye lashes,
    I am a Boy Yorkie~~ Notice I never wear Pink ??
    Thank You for Loving Me ^•^

  8. Kodie is a gorgeous boy and I think he enjoys his Super Hero status. 🙂

  9. Fird Birfle says:

    WOW this is either a Person who is innately interested in science or a mommy who lubs her puppeleh. Such dedication to K’s care !!! 🙂

  10. Fird Birfle says:

    Psssst hey peeps!!!
    Ennybuddy else glance at the url (Top of page for this post, address block)?????

  11. Fird Birfle says:

    Nice tactic/ strategy Gigi.

    However (looks at you skeptically, over my black rhinestoned Nerdy Spectacles) —
    REALLY????? “being held captive” ????????

    (I cannot blame you it’s an excellent and a unique ploy. I don’t think that even
    victoreia or skippymom have attempted this tactic. So you DO get points for
    originality and cleverness…)

    (PS: If I could FIND a pair of Nerdy Black Spectacles with rhinestones, I would
    surely purchase them but presently my corrective eyeglasses are actually a light to medium brown, semi-oval and semi-rimless…. cheap cousin of those pretty eyeglasses Sarah Palin was wearing when she was running with McCain the other year)