He Takes a Beating and Keeps on Eating

‘Oo doe, Mob, I riddy athreciate ‘oo ledding be lick da beathers, bud baybe ‘oo thould dake dem oudda da mither dext dime.

Via Ralph Arvesen.



  1. ahahahahaah this dude makes me smile all big and derpy myself 😀

  2. I would name that dog Maytag.

  3. I would name him Lovebug and just snorgle him into oblivion. 🙂

  4. He’s probably thinking. “Can I lick the bowl next?”

  5. Isn’t that Dooce’s (Heather Armstrong) Chuck?

  6. Isn’t that Heather Armstrong’s dog Chuck from Dooce?

  7. He definitely has his eye on something!

  8. Once I gave my mom a birthday card that said on the cover, “When good moms make a cake, they let their kids lick the beaters.” Open it up and it says, “GREAT moms turn the mixer off first . . .” I thought of that immediately when I saw this picture! X-D

  9. He’s got cake mix in his nose 😆

  10. He looks exactly like Chuck from Dooce.com. Hmmmm…..

  11. He looks exactly like Chuck from Dooce.com. Hmmmm…..

  12. pupfanatic says:

    Yeah: Maytag-Lovebug: that’s it!

  13. I’m sorry, but what does Derp stand for?

  14. It’s an onomatopoeic word similar to “duhhh,” to evoke all things dweeb-ish and awkward. I like to use that tag whenever I see an especially goofy facial expression, and if you click the “Derp” tag under the post, you can see more examples.

  15. I clicked, but it seemed to refer to dangling tongues and weird eye expressions. Or burping.

    thanks for the clarification

  16. *shnerk*

  17. He’s a Chuck doppleganger!

    This guy seems a bit more grey and has slightly longer ears?


    Recent Chuck:

  18. This is not Chuck, it’s an abandoned dog that we took in, she was very skinny and scared but has adjusted well. She did help lick the bowl also!