Another Sad Story of Addiction

It started innocently enough; a Batman comic book once a week. I thought I could control it, but I started craving more: X-Men, Justice League — I bought them all, and when that wasn’t enough, I started reading… Archie. So that’s my tale of woe, and hey, if you could spot me for some Green Lantern, I’m… I’m really hurtin’, man.

Via tux0racer.



  1. Comics -and- puppehs? Get. Outa. Town!

    Or rather, just let me know what town it is so I can go over and give more comic books… Er, I mean… Moral support! Yeah, that’s it!

  2. I like the sign in the background 🙂
    The truth is, I can’t (say no to that face). And I keep a spare baggie of milkbones in the car just for puppehs like this.

    I’m not helping the cause though am I? If people like me just keep giving them biscuits, they’re never going to learn how to fend for themselves (heehee)

    Git a job, ya bum ❤

  3. Give a dog a bone and you feed him for a day. Teach him to make his own bone and you feed him for a lifetime. Or something like that. 🙂

  4. Nerd dogs. What can you do with them?

  5. That poor, sweet homeless animal is well loved. I hope the best for owner and pet.

  6. You give money to those street pups and they just spend it to feed their addiction to liver snaps and snausages!

  7. pupfanatic says:

    Right. My first thought was Oh God, that’s not really a homeless puppeh, is it? If so, that is always really upsetting to me:(

    God Bless you, sweetie pie.