The Master of Disguise!

Do you see me in this picture? Of course you don’t. That is because I am… The Master of Disguise! Thanks to my years of study in the forbidden Ninja arts, no door is locked, no room impervious, no secret safe from… The Master of Disguise! I am but a whisper, an errant thought, a vague feeling of unease that one is not alone. Hark! Was that a gust of wind? Or was it… The Master of Disguise!

Nice six pack, Marcos H.



  1. “OK, so you found me. Maybe I’m not so good at hiding, but I’m still the Master of Dees Guys.”

  2. Wow. That’s almost as effective as when my Jack dives behind the curtains–leaving only his big orange butt and tail sticking out.

  3. Kitty is probably wondering why those other guys don’t talk much or won’t play with him/her.

  4. Ooh, ooh, I see you! You’re the fourth from the left!

    I can tell from some of the pixels and because I have seen quite a few disguised cats in my time.

  5. Groan and Yeay!

  6. Reading the intro was so much fun, I just had to go back and read it again…out loud and with great dramatic affect this time. Thanks NTMTOM

  7. “Honey, I think you put too much stuffing in the tuxie pillow.”

  8. I have that same stuffy thingy at the bottom of my front door!

  9. C’mon… you’re THE master of disguise? Not just A master of disguise?

  10. Reminds me of the old Pink Panther movies. Clouseau, that master of disguises. And CATO!!!

  11. I wasn’t gonna do it, I wasn’t going to come to CO and be a Debbie Downer, was hoping the pics would cheer me up (and I am NOT complaining) just had to share though, when I scrolled down to this one my eyes instantly filled with tears. We unexpectedly lost our sweet Lucky last week Tuesday, and every time I see a tuxie now I just go all misty eyed.

    Downer stuff outta the way, D’aww I love his hiding place, he found right where he fit in! 😀 (a link to an old Vox post crossed over to WordPress starring Lucky)

  12. Oh no, I’m sorry, Metz. 😦 Each of us knows that soft spot that makes tears come like nothing else does.

  13. lisaLASSIE says:

    Metz, of course you got misty eyed! You’re in the right place to find understanding and here is a big hug for you (((Metz))).

  14. Thanks guys. 🙂

  15. It’s been rough. His death was just so unexpected. He was SUCH a lovebug. I’m happy we had him for 10 wonderful years but man, I miss him SO much.

  16. Tuxies are just so special, aren’t they? I still miss my sweet tuxie Harley.

    I’m so sorry that you lost your Lucky. Lots of cyber hugs.

  17. 😆 I would just LOVE to see a picture of that, Juno 😆

  18. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your dear sweet kitty, Lucy, Metz 😥

  19. I hope you will find another dear sweet tuxie or two or more that needs you to give him/her or them a loving forever home, Metz 🙂

  20. Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry! You’re not being a downer, you’re just looking for some comfort. Lucky was indeed a lucky boy to have been so loved and I just know he’s waiting for you at The Rainbow Bridge. *warm hugs*