Of Course, An Australian PigDog!

It appears that The Aussie Porker In Question, AKA “Miss Pig,” thinks she’s….a dog. According to The Telegraph, “She eats with the dogs, hops into bed with them and makes all sorts of noises that are more like a dog.”

That’s all well and good, but how ’bout the kangaroo?




  1. And why does the ‘roo have a diaper? Cutie pies all of them, tho.

  2. The. Joey. Is. Wearing. A. Diaper!!!!!

  3. Did they have to cut a hole for the joey’s tail?

  4. That’s what I was coming here to say as well!

  5. A pig, a dog and a wallaby got into a wheelbarrow.

    . . . no, that’s all.

  6. JustcallmeJJ says:

    And one of them says: “Hay, what are you doing here?”

  7. That’s all well and good, but how ’bout the kangaroo?
    Well he kangaroo doesn’t think he’s a dog, he thinks he’s a registered masseuse 😉

  8. and apparently trying to ride the pig. I love the diaper…perhaps this is the key to me having one in the house…

  9. OMG lookit the lil ‘roo!!!

  10. Well, my dog purred so why not?

  11. I love the Joey in its pampers!

    🙂 Cute!

  12. Ppst – maybe he doesn’t know he’s a pig. I’m not a pig. I’m a human. 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  13. How can anyone pay attention to a pig-dog when there is a baby ‘roo with Huggies right there?!

  14. We had a pig years ago we named Pork Chops…you know why, we lived on a farm….just don’t think about it. Anyway, he kept escaping, so the only pen he couldn’t get out of was the dog run. So we put him in there with the dogs. He learned to bark and would run un and down the dogrun and “chase” cars with the dogs. And no we didn’t eat him, we ended up selling him. I thought about turning him loose one day when a car went by, but 1- I was afraid he would get run over and 2- I was afraid the person would wreck if a pig chased their car and barked at them. lol

  15. I think the proper name for the garment the bebbeh marsupial is wearing is…

    wait for it…


  16. My desk nearly had a light coating of muesli thanks to that comment!

  17. For the WIN!!!

  18. SlaveToCat says:

    With that camera angle it looks like the Kangaroo is dragging around a pig’s head.
    Maybe Dog Corleone ordered Roo Hagen to place it under Cat Woltz’s blanket in order to show who is top dog in this barnyard.

  19. This could mean significant changes for the See ‘n’ Say: “The pig says woof!”

  20. rustybicycle says:

    I saw this in Telegraph or wherever, and my first thought was “but what about the joey in the nappy?” Sadly, still none the wiser.

  21. I snorted when I read that last bit. 😀 So glad I wasn’t eating/drinking!