I Got a Hurt

I didn’t mean to do it.

Kiss it better?

That is better.

From Xinhuanet by Tim G.



  1. Poor squirrely needed some tree-age. 😦

  2. Little baby, I’ll totally kiss it better.

    And, 260Oakley, NICE ONE!

  3. Nice play. 🙂

  4. SlaveToCat says:

    Oh nuts, I dreamt that I was a member of the Flying Squirrelio Brothers.

  5. OMG, I so want to kiss his boo boo and make it all bettah! His lavender bandage… *thud*

  6. *Thud* right next to ya Rachael

    Oakley, nicely done, as always!

  7. I admit it, I live for your comments.

  8. I just noticed that there’s a smiley face on his bandage. How much more can I take?!

  9. Good eye–I’d missed that! I volunteer to hold this tiny skwerl when the current skwerl holder needs a break.

  10. yesh, the smiley faces are responsible for many o’ the CO cur-thuds.

  11. Smiley face bandages are proven to heal 27% quicker than non-smiley face bandages. You are in a good hand, baby skwerlio. *smooch*

  12. The little plinky-plonky eye in the last pic…

  13. tee hee.

  14. BRAVA Oak!! MUY well-dunny-O !!!

    Standing O to 260 O

  15. Did ennybuddy menshon the Basic, Assumed Observation (BAO) that
    This Skwyrylllio eez Cute??? If not, then this is my Good Deed for the Day.

  16. I’m not sure, wif his eyes closed, but ….would skwyrrliO eyes count
    as “Eye Capsules” ???? Meg??

  17. 😯 ! *ded*

  18. And on the other side, where you can’t see it, are the signatures of all his friends. I would gladly hold that squirrel until his boo-boo was all better. *melts into puddle*

  19. twocityshibas says:

    scoot over…*thud*

  20. and did his mommeh make him soup too?

  21. Poor baby I’ll nurse you back to health.

  22. Me too! *thud*

  23. Lavender or Lilac? The eternal question.

  24. Is difficult to live a day without CO & all those humorous comments!

    I wanna kiss this bebeh squirrel..! So badly….

  25. It’s an epidemic! *thud*

  26. lisaLASSIE says:

    This one is cute beyond human endurance and so I join my CO Peeps in a lous THUD.

  27. SoCratesX53 says:

    Rainbow glitter cleanup on aisle 4….

  28. *gets the pushbroom out, from the hall closet…*

  29. Poor beebee!! It looks so soft too!!

  30. Ah so cute, would let him curl up with me any day!