All in the Family

Moses the African elephant was in rough shape and orphaned until he was found and adopted by the big family at the Jumbo Foundation.

Now he’s got it all – dogs, people, meelks, a big bed and lots of room to play and roam.

I always thought my family was a mishmash of wonderful weirdos until I saw these photos send in by Beverly W. via YAHOO! News.



  1. can I be ‘dopted into this family? I want to nap with a baby lelephant 😦

  2. Pic 1 looks like a parade.

  3. Fird Birfle says:


    (even tho’ my comment listed AFTER Yours….hmmm…. gimme a minnit to develop a believable version of how that could be so ….)

  4. emmberrann says:

    Poor li’l nano-heffalumpino. He won’t know how to grow up into a mighty Titano-Heffalump.

  5. I have always told people I would adopt an elephant if I could – will have to check the ordinances again . . . .

  6. I”m so glad the nice lady adopted the tiny elephant but being raised with dogs could pause problem later on in life. What happens when he falls in love with the cute poodle nest door? 😈

  7. Sorry to be the jerk here, but this elephant actually did not make it.

  8. That picture of the “mama” and the baby, it really touches my heart strings…wow

  9. Just yesterday, I was telling people that our department needed a baby elephant, ’cause Zooborns had a lovely video of baby Lily zooming around her enclosure. These pix might finally convince my coworkers.

  10. I wonder why the baby elephant always seems to be wearing a blanket?

  11. *watches TL and Firdie…..* Am I gonna have to referee this?? *Plots how to steal the lellophante from both of them*

  12. Mary (the first) says:

    Look at those *eyelashes*, people!!

  13. Last picture: Oh my. That’s wonderful…

  14. LOL!

  15. Jake the Dog says:

    Really, REALLY hate to be a downer here…. but Moses died last November. Look at the posts on his blog and articles in the Toronto Star (they had a reporter who met him and the human fostering him in Malawi).
    Poor little guy didn’t make it 😦

  16. Jake the Dog says:
  17. lisaLASSIE says:

    *No plotting or waiting here: just pushing everyone aside to get greedy grabby hands on bebbeh trunksterette.*

  18. lisaLASSIE says:

    Seriously: can we survive this much cuteness? Maybe or maybe no….THUD.

  19. On their site: “A baby would get body warmth from its mother so needs blankets if it gets cold and water splashed over it if it gets too hot.”

    There is also a bit about how the baby elephant needs a group of elephants around him, and if he doesn’t have that he will pine, to the point of dying. So that’s why he’s got the menagerie of dogs, humans, and a cat. There’s a picture of the cat. (squee, of course).

  20. There’s the cat buddy.

  21. What a cutie! He would look adorable here at the Hotel Thompson. XOXO – Bacon

  22. Thanks for the link!

    I was actually checking closely each photo to see the whereabouts of the cat buddy you mentioned earlier on!

  23. I love picture #2! It spells so much……

  24. wannadance says:

    maybe he dudn’t have to be surrouynded by titano’s to know how to be mighty. he looks mighty already.

  25. wannadance says:

    the ruffled ears!

    the last pic, love both speciesl.

  26. Another bebeh trunkster, and it’s the size of a dog. *faints*

  27. Elaine From L.A. says:

    So heart wrenching :~( Thanks for the link, Jake the Dog.

  28. Well this just broke my heart.

    “In his final minutes he was grunting softly to me in the way that he used to do at night,” Webb wrote in an email Tuesday. “He then wrapped his trunk around my arm and breathed his final breath.”

  29. emmberrann says:

    I just don’ t want him to have species-identification issues, is all. He is a nano-mighty-titano-heffalumpino, after all. I just want to give him an appropriately gauged hug, so many souls who love him, too.

  30. fleurdamour says:

    Bebeh heffa can be snorgled from more than one side at a time and thereby by multiple hoomins at once. Problem solved, win-win.

    – King Solomon

  31. I’ll bite … Do they get married??? I hope so !!!

  32. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I know. That was so beautiful & sad. Bless Webb for her compassion to all the animals she takes in. RIP sweet Moses.

  33. It hurts to know he didn’t make it but for no lack on trying on his lovely hooman’s part. She was his mommy from the moment she met him. As the article on one of the links says, “Moses didn’t die scared and alone in a river like he would have eight months ago, but in Webb’s arms.
    “In his final minutes he was grunting softly to me in the way that he used to do at night,” Webb wrote in an email Tuesday. “He then wrapped his trunk around my arm and breathed his final breath.”

  34. I have tears in my eyes now. At least sweet Moses knew what it was like to be loved and cared for in his too- short life. I love elephants…such amazing creatrues. And the kind people who work on behalf on elephants are amazing, too.

  35. these pics have reduced me to a blubbering sniffly weepy mess. acts of kindness between hoomans and anipals do that to me. its like a safe, warm, loving hug to the heart.

  36. I’m so glad I wasn’t drinking/eating anything when I ready your comment, Gigi; I’d likely have had something come out my nose! 😀

  37. *drums fingertips* I think if we hold hands and create a chain, much like elephants can by holding trunks and tails, we could come up with an fair solution!

  38. Raelin Hansen says:

    Not true – I researched it, and Moses is alive and well.

  39. Beautiful

  40. Reminds me of Ellie from Nanny McPhee:

  41. I want ruffled earses…..

  42. 🙂 ehn ya bleedin’ heart liberals 🙂

  43. I know LOTS of humans that seem to have species-identification issues and they seem to do all right.

  44. Now that looks like a really interesting family…very cute too!

  45. Oh mi gawddddd! I want Moses! I’ll share my bed with him! He’s sooo cutes!!! I need to adopt an elephant…