Woah, woah, woah! We say OMG all the time but how do we know what OMG stands for, really?
Let’s ask an OMG Pony expert!

Old Moldy Goats!

Oats, Mmmm Good.

Otters Marmies Geeshe!

Oreo Middle’s Gooey!
Well, this has been fun.  Now it’s your turn, ’cause right now, Oooooh Meeelks Geyser!

Thank you Lil Gem, a 2-day old Chincoteague pony.



  1. telzeyamberdon says:

    Mairzy doats and Gemzy doats and liddle lamzy divey
    A kiddley divey too, wooden shoe?

  2. Obviously, micro galloping!

  3. The Original Jane says:

    Did mom make those spit curls on baby?!! Thud!


    Old Moldy Goats!

  5. kittykat416 says:

    Thanks to CO, I always equate ‘WTF’ to mean “what tremendous fortuitousness!”

  6. OMG THOSE CURLS! Double thud.

  7. Please tell me that ponies name is Misty !!!

  8. Win 😀

  9. A curly mane! How adorbs!

  10. I see your thud and raise you a thud. The curls about keelled me.

  11. Patchwork pony!

  12. Mary (the first) says:

    I think it’s Lil Gem (see notes above).

  13. “Orange Macaroni Gerbils” bwa ha-ha-ha *snerk*

  14. It was Other Men’s Gerbils, but that sounded a little wicked, or maybe that’s just me!

  15. Give us a gutter, we’ll dive right in. I can bring down the tone of any conversation in about 3 seconds, myself.

  16. I loved those books…first thing I thought of. Happy childhood memories. Now where’s my blankie?

  17. WINS

  18. OMG PONIIEZZZ!!!!1!!!!1!!!

  19. Nothing more beautiful than a foal…

  20. Nothingk.

  21. *squeals* *dies* *melts*

  22. Yeah, the curls did me in too. I wondered if Theresa’s dad had a hand (or mouth) in the spit part. 🙂

  23. I loved those books too. Happy memories.

  24. In ancient Roman times it was the emperor Octavius Maximus Gallopius who first brought ponies into the household as an awesome pet. He was touring his mighty empire and noted that his battle horsies were giving birth to the finest of ponies. “Hmmm” he thought. “I love these ponies and have enough room in my castle to accommodate at least XXVII of them.”

    And so it came to pass that his ponies, due to their cushy lifestyle of eating grapes and lounging about in togas, became the finest of ponies and highly prized by noblemen and senators alike. But really it was too much work to say “Hey, Flavia, your Octavius Maximus Gallopius ponies are so awesome it will make the Carthaginians next door really jealous!” So as we see the change of language over time, this sentence morphed into “Flavs… OMG PONIES!!11!!”


  25. Picking nits…it’s “whoa” not “woah”.

  26. Well, Mama Horse knows best.

  27. The Original Jane says:

    I was wondering if she would chime in on that.

  28. *roaring applause*

  29. *does the same thing*

  30. 😯