FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: The ‘Audrey Hepburn of Bunnies’ for Best Picture

Only a couple of days left to get your entry in for Cute Overload’s The REAL BEST PICTURE!

On Monday morning, (the day after the Oscars,) we’ll have voting (From You, Our Peeps, our ACADEMY). There is still time to send in your best animuhl photo!

Maybe this BUN NAMED PERSEY will show up on Bunday Monday for the FINAL VOTING! Amanda C. says “She’s the Audrey Hepburn of rabbits.”





  1. Audrey Hepburn, star of Robun Holiday and The Bun’s Story.

  2. Also “Bunny Face” and “My Hare Lady”

  3. Every day is Bunday! Very elegant Ms. Hepbun is..

  4. I know! Especially that second picture. I can see the Hepburnness.

  5. sabrina rose says:

    “Bunfest at Tiffany’s”??

  6. lisaLASSIE says:

    She is a lovely and delicate bunny.

  7. sabrina rose says:

    She is a very pretty bunny. I like the combination of short ears and big round eyes. A slightly “gamine” look? In the first picture, the whisker shadows almost look like a little string of pearls around her neck, which always suited Audrey very well..

  8. fish eye no miko says:

    “Robun and Marian”?

  9. She does have a delicate beauty reminiscent of Miss Hepburn.

  10. THAT I would attend!

  11. Mmm, I bet they would serve carat cake!

  12. emmberrann says:

    How do we know it’s Audrey Hepbun, and not, let’s say, Natalie (from the) Woods?

  13. Definitely the delicate beauty and grace of Audrey with the stern disapproval of Kate.

  14. Pat Trenner says:

    Counting down to Nikki comment in five, four, three, two…. (Persey looks like Nikki’s bed-making bun).

  15. Oh my god! I’m so happy, I never expected Miss P’s photos to get picked to be posted! What a great surprise at the end of a crummy day! Thank you, CO! 😀

  16. Not Audrey Hopburn?

  17. You’ve got yourself a verrrry cute widdle wabbit there!

  18. I guess it would be a vewwwwy cute widdle wabbit. 🙂