You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are, Boys…

…’cause Back In The USSR, they’ve got…..Siberian Flying Squirrels!

(OK, Formerly known as the USSR. But if we’d said that, the Beatles reference woulda been clunky.)







正次スグ/レックス機能の全ての画像! (All images by Masatsugu Sugu/Rex Features!)



  1. Okay. Do I see that little guy’s tongue in that last picture? Too awesome!

  2. I propose that BEF stand not only for BEADY eye factor but for BIG eye factor. These guys would win again!

  3. One of the best moments in recent memory was when I was the launching pad for a rehabbed Northern Flying Sqwerl:
    What happened was the “store cat” deposited a flying sqwerl on the doorstep of the store. I rescued said sqwerl from said ebil catling and got him/her to a wildlife rehabber. Once he/she had done the requisite course of anti-cat-germ-medicine he/she had to be released in the same general area as he/she was found so he/she would have access to the food he/she (Lawsy that’s getting boring. Let’s just call it a “he” from now on!!) had already stored away for the winter.
    When the time came that he was recovered enough, he was brought back to the neighborhood for release. He, being a smart sqwerl, didn’t want to leave his traveling cage for Nothing, but he also couldn’t stay a house sqwerl. With the rehabber holding the cage, I put my arm in and he Ran Up My Arm And Perched On My Shoulder For About Ten Seconds SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE before launching off to an old oak tree. That little darlin’ scampered around in the oak tree, peering down at us from various branches, for about 15 minutes before he took off.

  4. And you survived this? How?

  5. Stressfactor says:

    Oh, these little guys and gals are so chunky looking they’re more like ‘a hunka-hunka, burnin’ cute!’

  6. misschelley says:

    I seriously think my brain exploded. that is too cute. Should have come with warning.

  7. SQUEE-rrls! I bet these have alien DNA.


    In approx 1983 I might have recently learned how to say at least one version of the Russian term for “to die” and be able to make the cyrillic figures to write it out.

    One of the thangs that One Learns in Learning about either the German language OR standard/ USSR-version Comrade Russian speak for those who grew up with English as their native tongue…..they both require one to internalize a WHOLE buncha tenses/ cases, etc with the VOIBS. Oh mah GOO”ness!! If I recomember k’rectly there wuz about six different cases (or whichever is the correct term) into which one needs to be able to spin on one’s heel and conjugate the verb in any sentence (and also the helping verb of course)… and then you start with the NOUNs and their gender/ number, etc …..

    anyhow. I wish I could still recomember the right word from mah memoire in Russian-speak for “ded” but since I’m now “ded” from these cute lil’ critterz, Ah s’poze it’s wut them fancy people cawl a moo-t pernt.

    Not just really *ded* but
    really most sinceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerely *ded*!!!

    Comrad Thomasevsky-kin.

  9. ps (Ah guess I’m “not quite *ded* yet…)
    Cannot b’lieve I’m the first to make this connection but it’s prolly cuz the cutiepie skwyrly-poos have us all dazzled so …

    Voila (I apol for long url/ I searched it out and the next place was not this guy in this image):

  10. Hey, anime-squirrels! How is it possible that their eyes are like 50% of their face?

  11. I see a squirrelly nippy!!

  12. I think it’s a willy.

  13. Places some smelling salts near Firdie’s delicate nosies. 🙂 WAKE UP LADY!!!!

  14. *gasps…and looks for some pearls to clutch* 😉

  15. I hope there are no children looking at this.

  16. Send him some squirrel underpants from Archie McPhee. In Soviet Russia…

  17. Normally I would say something clever but my brain has melted from the cute and run out my ears.

  18. Oh you’re right! At first I thought the angle was at the mid-side of the tummy, but he’s totally spread eagle…

  19. *gets the Bounty towels out of the closet*

  20. 😯

  21. *teensiest of almost-sneezes*

    (y’know; the one when some ultra feminine gal basically “whispers” the word “tissue” and then tells you that was a sneeze???)

  22. WAITAMINNIT!!!! Back up that particular moped.

    Do Aliens *HAVE* DNA????

  23. Ah yes, the fine points that we discuss here….

  24. You know they’re actually really cute. XOXO – Bacon

  25. That last Ehhn! flying shot is amazing, and that mid-air fluffy tail is unbelievably cute!! 😀

    (Just so you know, the auto-translated photo credit line makes no sense in Japanese so you might wanna drop it. 😉

  26. Gotta keep it classy! If we pass around brandy and cigars while we talk about squirrel willies, no one will be the wiser.

  27. Way-ell, I couldn’t keel over whilst the wee one was on my shoulder. Once he had launched I was too busy watching him watching us to realize I should have keeled over. I wish I knew how to add photos. I have a picture of him taken while he was “in hospital” that’s absolutely priceless!

  28. toborzgrrl says:

    …so all this time, Rocky was really working WITH Boris and Natasha?!?!!

  29. DED – that is all.

    Ok it’s not, does he remind anyone else of Puss in Boots from Shrek?? With those HUGE eyes.

    I think I want 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or…

  30. WIN

  31. *thud*