Where Do I Begin

or end?

Josh N. does it again.



  1. The never ending ferret.

  2. the stoativerse is endless

  3. Josh always takes such beautiful photos!
    I vote he not only be IN the men of CO calender but also be it’s photographer!

  4. This little guy was so cool he was ice cold! Very sweet and cute too.

  5. What a look of disgust on his face. Don’t blame him.

  6. Le Ferret Noir.

    Emo Ferret is so soulful. He makes moi weep (and drop into ridiculous Frawnch. *Slaps self upside the head*)

  7. Blue Footed Booby says:


  8. Looks like he was just rudely awakened by the paparazzi. 🙂

  9. He looks disappointed that no one put ferretone on his belleh for snackage.

  10. cellarmouse says:

    i used to put peanut butter on their bellies so i could trim their wee li’l toenails…

  11. What a clever idea but how on earth did you think of it? Maybe I’ll try it with my Chihuahua – she HATES having her nails trimmed, the little poop. 🙂

  12. So sweet. Looks just like my stinkies.

  13. Seriously? And they don’t stalk away in a hissy to lick their “wounds” in peace?

  14. Thanks Gigi – that was my first blind cat’s name btw.

  15. Where do I begin or end?
    This is exactly what I’m thinking these days.
    This little guy seems like he’s trying to find the way.
    Thank you so much he made me smile.