THIS JUST IN: Maddie On The Road!

Remember Maddie The Coon Hound? The celebrated author? She stopped by THE QTE last fall, and now she is ON THE ROAD! The tour kicks off March 8th in Austin, TX.

Maddie tells us on her website: “I’m pumped to hit the road and meet all of ya’ll! We are making 35+ official bookstore stops, countless photo meetups and telling 50 stories in every state for Why We Rescue!”

Maddie Book Tour! from This Wild Idea on Vimeo

Thanks to Mo (Michael O’Neal) via Chief Sister Officer for the teep.



  1. PRECIOUS DOG. PRECIOUS BOY. AAAHHH!! What a sweet tour! I wish them safe travels and lots of tail wags and treats!

  2. I hear she’s making a guest appearance on Maddie Men this season. I’m guessing a b***h this smart will give Don Draper paws.

  3. What an adorable pair! The doggie must be thinking “how lucky I am to have been taken in by this dude who lets me do silly things…”

  4. kibblenibble says:

    *whispers in ears of powers that be at CO*
    “He’s another candidate for the Men of CO Calendar.”

  5. So many good photos! Love!!

  6. like.

    like like.

    someone invent a c.o. like button so i don’t have to just post “like”.


  7. I cannot even begin to express how much I love this!!!

  8. WIIIIIIIIN!!! 😀 😀

  9. WOOO! Maddie’s coming to my state! I will DEF. make the thirty-minute drive to meet her! Maybe I can bring Miss Schnozz 🙂

  10. Maddie’s coming to my state, too!! Too bad the rescues in my family (two cats, one rabbit, one horse) aren’t keen on dogs or I’d invite them to go with me to meet her!

  11. God damn that’s adorable.

  12. I put in myself and my adopted bun for the ‘Why We Rescue’ project. Hoping to bring attention to the plight and the delight of the HouseBunny!

  13. Apparently all 50 states doesn’t include Kansas. 😦