The Cat Did It

Sender-Inner Gila C. explains: “These are pictures of what we came home to the other day. Our 8 month old boxer bull dog named Silly Lilly Boom Boom had a party…without us.”




  1. SlaveToCat says:

    Mom, I didn’t make a mess. This was a home invasion. I KNOCKED the stuffing out of em. Do I get bacon for saving all your valuable baubles??

  2. I didn’t do it and I promise never to do it again!

    Silly Lilly Boom Boom indeed! 🙂

  3. Ana Félix Pires says:

    I don’t know… she looks pretty innocent. Look at that face!

  4. Silly Lilly Boom Boom…? Well, THAT’s a win.

  5. Well, everyone knows there’s no point in guilting the Lily.

  6. I have my own naughty Lily at home so this might be her new nickname. I already call her Silly McLily (among other things) so it won’t be too much of a stretch.

  7. Mom! Did you know there was green stuff in my bed?! I totally got it out, though. I get a treat for this, right?

  8. Our 8 month old boxer bull dog named Silly Lilly Boom Boom had a party…without us.”
    Why, yes, yes she did…….it’s the boxer in her, no doubt!

  9. emmberrann says:

    Do Silly Lily’s hoomins even HAVE a cat? Sheesh, they always blame “the cat.”. Even when there is no cat in the vicinity!

  10. Did Gila & co consider the possibility, that Mademoiselle Lily may have intended this redecoration as RETRIBUTION for the name(s) with which they “blessed” her?????

  11. I am in awe! 😀

  12. If I walked into this room and saw this, I would have looked at the dog and said, “If you wanted to play, there was a perfectly good PINBALL MACHINE right here in the corner you could have played on!”

  13. Awe from over here, too.

  14. Seconded;)

  15. Umm … where’s the “if you’re caught doing something bad it’s cute” tag?

  16. Ba’-Boom!

  17. i believe him.

  18. “Mom, it’s my artwork. Doesn’t our house look like the Sierra desert now?”

  19. Telzey Amberdon says:

    Well, perhaps it is revenge for naming her Silly Lilly Boom Boom! She looks so dignified, maybe she’s a Lady Elizabeth Prudence Torrington the Third at heart?

  20. El Stud Hombre says:

    Agree it’s a cute pic, and hate to rain on the parade a bit here, but… I wonder if the sender-inner realizes that the behavior Silly Lilly Boom Boom is exhibiting here sure looks like classic separation anxiety, which really isn’t good for said pooch. Our pooch has it too, in spades. Especially if she’s only eight months old, it’s definitely not too late to take some steps to build confidence in her.

  21. phred's mom says:

    How DO you do it, Oak !?!?!?!
    Is it by chance a Penn State

  22. Did you mean to say “Pun State”? 😉

  23. Kari Callin says:

    That’s a picture for if I’ve EVER seen one! Silly pup! 🙂

  24. Clairdelune says:

    You’ve outdone yourself, Oakley!!

  25. hahahha best comment, i like the silly lilly name though

  26. Everybody’s going green these days, even the dust bunnies. Yeah, dust bunnies, that’s what they are…

  27. joools in PDX says:

    Exactement. With a name like that, she’s got a lot to live up to.

  28. phred's mom says:

    I knew it! That’s why it’ s known as
    “Happy Valley”! Yay Oakley!
    And yay for the Thon!

  29. I think that I share some of this concern. Two different times dans ma vie I’ve lived with a roommate and her dog or next door to a family and their dog also both had quite overbearing behaviors around the separation concerns. Both dogs would end up convincing all the neighbors that they were being torn limb to limb, if left for only an hour or two ….while the owner bribed him (extra treats) as she left, he sat on a leather couch in an air-conditioned apt while she was gone, etc. etc. One of them was a dachshund and he TORE AN ENTIRE NEW LINOLEUM floor in their kitchen out, when left alone for three hours or so. They had to pay to re-install more linoleum, etc. etc. Guess what kind of a part-time gig, involving watching a dog, provided my movie funds for the next summer or two …

  30. Silly Lilly Boom Boom?? REALLY??? 😀