Scootin’ Baby Trunkster Is Back!

Remember Scootin’ Bebeh Trunkster? He’s back, and he’s brought the family! Super photos at The Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve, South Africa from Alex T.









  1. Needs more scurrying, but awwww….baby hefalump!

  2. The pic with him/her holding the stick…love love love 🙂 They are adorable when you see them on the reserves…scampering around mom and dad. I noticed that the daddy heffalumps keep a close eye on their little ones out there in the wild.

  3. Heffalumps really are the most amazing parents (I guess sisters and aunties are pretty great too).

  4. I tried to squee, because I ADORE Scootin’ Baby Trunkster (the video where s/he got stuck in a waterhole was heartbreaking in many ways!) but I have my 6th plague of the year, which this morning progressed from my sinuses into my throat, and all that came out was a strangled sound and then I coughed. For three minutes.

    Worth it. Eeeeeeeeeeee!

  5. That’s my favourite pic too! Also, smilingk mama 😀

  6. Mamma is so proud.. and Scootin Baby Trunkster is the most awsomest BAby elephant ever.

  7. Er: daddy heffalumps don’t stay with the family group which is all babies,kids, teens and adult females. The females stay with their family. The daddies just visit when a female is in heat and then leave.

  8. @lisaLassie…Hi! I was actually only talking about the family I saw on the reserve in Africa. I’m sure it’s quite different in the wild…but these were the only elephants on the reserve. It was sweet to see the Dad keep an eye on the bebeh trunkster.

  9. He’s so cute with that stick, he looks like he’s preparing to lead a parade.

  10. last pic has forced (forced!) me to do this:

    ploddin’ alonnnnng
    snortin’ a sonnnnnng

  11. *happy applause*

  12. *makes notes on the Hospital’s clipboard*

    ma’am, I feel compelled to ORDER YOU to feel better NOW OR ELSE
    (or else as soon as possible). poor thing.

    You HAVE actually seen somebody medical-ish at least twice during this series of medical mishaps, I hope????


  13. Looking at these pictures immmmmediately reminded me of Colonel Hathi’s March in the Jungle Book!

    Hup two three four
    Keep it up two three four
    Hup two three four
    Keep it up two three four
    Company sound off!

    Ho, the aim of our patrol
    Is a question rather droll
    For to march and drill
    Over field and hill
    Is a military goal!
    Is a military goal…

  14. Fisher cats (large weasels) are common near here. They’ve run and walked past me. They know I’m no threat in my own backyard.

  15. All kinds of kids, anywhere, finds good sticks and carry them around.
    Don’t underestimate the value of a stick