This is why I love having a brother. Sooooooooooo comfortabuhls.

Martini and Rossi: Cutest. Names. EVAR, Theresa C.



  1. Martini and Rossi…I say yes to those puppehs.

  2. I checked my bedroom this morning, and don’t remember any cute puppies acting like pillows (pouty face).

  3. Zzz …zzz …zzz …

  4. No Asti Spumonte?

  5. Oh, thank you so much, CO for a bright spot in what has otherwise been a very bad day.

  6. When my boys do this now, it eventually becomes rake rake rake, bite, growl, bite, yip…..and then run away. It was definitely cuter when they were still babies.

  7. Gently lays down near puppy pile for snuggles

  8. Smacks side of Head… When Will I ever learn not to use the P word. When I ask? When? Sits down in Moderations lounge with Chocolate chip cookies and Hot Cocoa Waiting for Sharpy.

  9. dr whitegold says:

    Are those pugstons? (pug x boston terrier)

  10. Ah pug babies are the best. Woke to three of them (2 5 year olds and a 12 year old) this morning. They make great snuggle buddies.

  11. I love the names, which inspire others for my next puppers – Evar and Afta 🙂

  12. methinks, too, with two: one on 3/4 of pillow snort-snoring softly (in my ear), one laying (under covers against rules) spooning with my left leg. it’s a very nice wake up after all.