Wouldn’t You Like to Be a Pupper Too?

I’m a pupper

He’s a pupper

She’s a pupper

We’re a pupper

Wouldn’t you like to be a pupper too?

Tegan the Corgi via The Daily Puppy , Frank, Sadie the Beagle puppy from Madeleine W. & Lyla, two and a half week old Yorkie puppies from Anna S., and Roxie the six week old Bulldog pup from Desiree L. Jingle inspired by Dr. Pepper!



  1. *keels over. dedski*

  2. The corgi pup was the main strike. The rest finished the job. *ded*

  3. Where is the sign-up sheet and how much do we pay to apply?

    Please cc this information to tracylee.


  5. Wait– give us a chance to check on tracylee’s vital signs.
    Would she still be eligible, If she’s dedski ?

  6. 🙂

  7. Love it, T.U.M.! Wish I’d thought of that myself…

    The teeny tiny tongue tip really takes that picture right over the edge into extreme danger land.

  8. CO, WHAT ARE YOU DOEENG TO MEE? I hardly recover from the Valentine’s Day ONSLAUGHT when you WALLOP me with these pupperoonies!! *ded*

  9. No kidding. Everybody in my department heard me squee.

  10. good job, CO, now you’ve dedded me AND Th. AND JD.
    y’all won’t have anyone left to read the internets!

  11. Mary (the first) says:

    I would like to *have* a pupper but not necessarily, be a pupper.

  12. Yes I think I would.

  13. ah nose ah’b be gud pupper!!

  14. I’ll take a six pack o’ beagles please!

  15. Yup! uh-HUH! For sure and ABSOLUTELY! Sign me up and give me a handsome, inside and out, hoomin’!

  16. Agree–that’s when deth occured! Bebeh beagle!!!!! *thud*

  17. *gets in line behind Mamabear*

  18. *ded, ded,and DED*

  19. CORGI PUPPEH !! (head splode)

  20. Pupper #2 was an inset photo on one of the calendar pages last year, with the caption “I can wait here all day”…he lives on the base of my computer monitor at work now. 🙂

  21. I don’t want to be a pupper. I want to nom a few puppers though.

  22. *cuts in line between Mamabear and rabbits*

  23. *tsk, tsk*

  24. What Mary (the first) said.

  25. i’m so old! thx 4 gettin that awful ’70’s jingle STUCK in my head! “BE a pepper, DRIIINK dr. pepper, BE a pepper, DRIIINK dr. pepper!…”
    i’d rather be a pupper than a pepper

  26. There’s nothing left to say. Just pack up the interwebs and move on, people.

  27. I’m tired of seeing dogs. I miss cats. Dogs are boring and WAY not as cute.

  28. *tattles to the teacher, gets back place in line, Iva in detensh* 😉