The Few, The Proud, The…Puppy

[Yell like Sgt. Carter:] ATTEN-SHUN, CO PEEPS!

The US Marine Corps have a new mascot, and his name is Chesty! According to the official Marines website, “Chesty, a 9-week-old pedigree English bulldog is soon to become the next Marine Corps mascot after the completion of an obedience training school with a ceremony scheduled for March 29.”



*Disclosure: It took all the willpower I had not to steal the MSN Now headline. “Semper Fido”- brilliant. Photos by Sgt. Dengrier M. Baez.



  1. ooh-rah little puppeh!

    I shall show this to future mr. t-lee, tho’ he’s USN and may not squee over it like I am 🙂
    cuteness knows no branch rivalry

  2. Semper Fido 😆 Does Oakley write for MSN Now?

  3. Cuteness overload invading the Marines? Unthinkable!

  4. Tracylee, for the future mr. t-lee, USN, start with the Wikipedia article Ship’s cat, and for goodness’ sake, follow the links and google everything for more information. Fair warning: Once you start down this road, expect to spend at least the next 72 hours on an emotional roller coaster ride of adorable cuteness, tears, awe, amazement, joy, and nostalgia for something you didn’t even know existed.

  5. He-lloo muzzlepowshes!

  6. OMG he even looks like his namesake Lt. Gen. “Chesty” Puller!

  7. David Goldfarb says:

    “Fido” and “Fidelis” do both come from the same Latin word.

  8. Baroo-ah!

  9. Marines don’t say “Hoo-rah” they say “Oo-rah!”

  10. They should’ve named him “Gibbs”!

  11. ” . . . ‘Semper Fido’- brilliant.”

    Um, not that brilliant, given that “Fido” and “fidelis” come from the same Latin root. Fidelis means “faithful” or “trustworthy.” “Fido” means “I trust.” The traditional dog moniker “Fido” was born out of humans’ appreciation of (and hope for) their dogs’ unwavering loyalty.

  12. Darn cute!

  13. Someday soon, he’ll grow into all those wrinkles!

    He’ll be SO handsome – hope they keep posting pix as he grows up!

  14. Aww! Squee-ten-shun! 🙂

  15. Tim McDaniel says:

    Um, no. The mascot is named Chesty because EVERY US Marine Corps mascot is named Chesty. For Chesty Puller, as aforesaid.

  16. “You shall not pass…zzzzzzzz…”

  17. Well, Marines DO cut a dashing figure in their dress uniforms… and some are really cute! 😉

  18. Doggone adorable “devil dog” puppy!!!

  19. phred's mom says:

    My memory tells me that “Fido” as a name is
    an Anglicized “Fideaux” -Frawnsch for “faithful”.
    This was a popular pooch name eons ago.
    *carefully removes pedant hat and strolls away*

  20. Puppers should be called Foldy.

  21. They shouldve rescued someone instead of going the “pedigreed” route.

  22. I would snorgle him from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli . . .

  23. Coffee Cup says:

    It was a joke. Gibbs is a character on the TV show NCIS. He was a Marine.

  24. Looks like the job will suit him well.

  25. 🙂

  26. It’s somewhat likely that the humans who provide fudz & stuff to Chesty’s parents…
    offered Chesty as available to/ for the Barracks Admin humans, rather than the Marines requesting the puppeh…

  27. Can I just say, I know it’s probably the angle, but did you notice that Chesty’s right forearm is brown and black shadowed, while his left one is pure white? I immediately thought “Oh look, he’s got a shoulder tattoo.” Are tats a Marine thing?

  28. Comments like this just add to the cute and make the overload go multiple.

  29. 1. He’s gunna slay ’em.
    2. The dude standing to attention outside the gate looks like the puppersons body guard.
    3. It also looks like it’s taking him superhuman levels of self-control not to snorgle puppersons hard.

  30. Kari Callin says:

    He looks THRILLED….not! LOL He’ll make a great grrrr-ill sargeant when he’s all grown up. 😉

  31. Oo-Rah! Makes me thing of my younger (much younger) days, and jogging on Parris Island while visiting friends. The “boys” weren’t allowed to whistle, but they could say that.

  32. Well, y”know, the Marines are known more for a stern manner than for huggy-feely self-esteem daycamps!!! His look of stern semi- disapproval will come in handy!!!

  33. fleurdamour says:

    “Obedience training school” – even the puppy gets basic training in the Marines!

  34. Martha in Washington says:

    The US Marines gave my son back to me today! I love Chesty but I love having Christopher home for good even more! Ooh-Rah! Semper Fi! And all that!

  35. onleekitteh says:

    USMC mascots are always “full pedigree” registered Bulldogs, and always named Chesty.

  36. Theres a dog in Seattle named Semper Fido..cuz his owner is Marine..very handsome..the both of them.