Knock it Off, Thumper

This cat’s owner probably rues the day the two of them watched Bambi together, because whenever kitty wants a door opened… well, just watch.



  1. OH my god, I can’t believe it!

  2. For whatever reason, I found this to be quite funny.

  3. That is a bad kitty-cat!

  4. Good tympani playing. Trouble with living with that cat is that it would always sound as if some big announcement was coming. Well, I suppose it’s a big deal to the cat.

  5. That’s so un-catlike! Haha.

  6. It’s Mimi-chan and her whole cat clan. I love their videos!

  7. rescue gal says:

    I love how the others just wait around…….then ZOOM, through the open door.

  8. I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears! What an absolute riot! LOL

  9. Haha, what smart kitties! They found a brilliant way to get their human’s attention. 🙂

  10. Fact: These human’s are owned!

  11. The black and white kitteh had a black mustache! Great video.

  12. I laughed so hard, I nearly wet myself.

  13. OMG. If he/she did this at night during my beauty sleep, I would so not be a happy bunny. Nor would my neighbours be!

  14. SlaveToCat says:

    That Kung Fu Kitty is ambithumptrous.
    Hope that is plexiglass. A bell would have been a better choice me thinks.

  15. SlaveToCat says:

    Owned, Pawned, and Kitty Slapped.

  16. I love how he just ratchets it up, louder and longer each time. I imagine him saying, “Open this door I GOTTA GOOOOO!”

  17. Blue Footed Booby says:

    When I was a kid, my family’s labrador decided he wanted to play at 4 in the morning, so he stood by my parent’s bed with his squeaky froggie, emitting progressively more insistent squeaks until my mom got up, took it away, and put in on her dresser. He sat there staring at it for a minute, then threw up in mom’s slippers.

    I imagine trying to stop this little musician from doing his thing would have much the same result.

  18. And my kitty just whaps her bell on a string to be let inside. Must show her the video.

  19. astropunkin says:

    I thought my kittehs were bad in the morning. Man. I had no idea!!!

  20. Was just getting ready to send your exact comment with the link to a friend…

  21. oh no….I have fallen outta my chair laughing……his paw moves so fast…….too, too funny. The other kitty is just casual making his pal do all the work. hahahahaha Good laugh first thing in the morning. Thanks!

  22. rofl…yep, yep

  23. januaryfarmer says:

    Got me laughing….so totally catty and clever.

  24. LOL! Poor Mom.

  25. Me too. It’s probably because we don’t live with this kitty!

  26. What’s worse, your cat scratching at your bedroom door in teh middle of teh night. OR, your cat banging on teh door at any given time?

  27. Wow, and all my cat does is sit and stare stupidly one inch from the door.

  28. Slapped hard!

  29. Now that’s CATtitude!

  30. GIGGLE 😆 SNERK 😆 Yep 😆

  31. Oh, yeah 😆

  32. I love it how after doing the whole kicking thing he turns around and stares at the door eagerly.. “Come on, comeoncomeon!!” 😀

  33. Karate CHOP!

  34. 0:25 – 0:28 — Best. James Brown. Impression. Evah.

  35. Someone must have jumped out of their skin the first time that happened!

  36. Not hard enough if they don’t have a kitty door installed already. I’d give in after about half a day.

  37. 😯

  38. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    If you’ve ever taken a piece of Scotch tape, and first stuck it to your finger to take away some of the adhesive so it’s about as sticky as a Post-it note, and then stuck it to one of your kitty’s feet and watch them shake-shake-shake to get it off, you’re not at all surprised by how fast cats can move their paws.

    Not that I’ve ever done that.

  39. 😯

  40. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    No kitteh was harmed in the making of this silliness.

  41. kookiemaster says:

    Hilarious but I am so glad that it’s not my cat. If she did that at night I would be one hell of a grumpy bug in the morning.

  42. You got that right, ash–just ask my dad! He was quite startled to hear someone knocking on the kitchen window early one morning. He jumped, spun around, and saw . . . their cat.

    All of our cats learned to get on the window sill when they wanted in. But my dad always sits with his back to the window, and I guess Kit just got tired of waiting for him to see her.

  43. Joy Raskin says:

    I recalled dog-sitting a Yorkie that insists on waking up every single day at 5:30am. I only had 4 hours of sleep, and I’m holding the Yorkie firmly in my hand, hissing “Knock it off! I only had 4 hours of sleep and LET ME SLEEP!”. I ended up putting her in my basement studio, and went back to bed. I was really pissed off at her. My dog knows better and just sleeps till I get up, regardless of the hour.

  44. The grey cat looks JUST like my cat Fern 🙂

  45. If that were my cat I would name it Carl Palmer.

  46. mixedcolors says:

    I have tears in my eyes from this, omg that is so funny.