Keep Those Best Picture Entries Coming!

One week from today, we’ll post the finalists for the CO Best Picture! (Trying to capitalize on the Oscar hype on Sunday night, right?) Then you’ll vote for the winner! Maybe Mouse here will be among the guys you’ll vote on. Have a really classic looking photo? Send ‘er over!

From Morgan W.



  1. So beautiful. He could give Henri, le chat noir, a run for his money.

  2. I too thought of Henri. What a gorgeous cat!

  3. He is Beautiful and OMG Evil owners naming him MOUSE!

  4. That. Is. One. Stunning. Feline.


  5. He was pure snow white until I tried to hide him under my bed.
    Love those wild, wrascalley, whiskers.

  6. He’s the dilute version of my dear departed Missy!

  7. emphatic agreement.

  8. Le Chat Noir Deux

  9. I agree about the name Mouse (my husband submitted this!). When we got him, he was sort of the runt of the litter, a tiny little mouse-looking kitten, but has grown up to become a beautiful cat. I no longer call him Mouse, but have not come up with anything better than “Kitty”.

  10. . . . but Mouse is supposed to be a very large, supernaturally-powered dog!

  11. At first I could not tell if that was a grey and white cat with grey eys or a black and white photo

  12. Now THAT’s a supermodel….a little catty maybe…

  13. He is a handsome boy, lilivs 😀 How about calling him “Maximillion” or “Mighty Max” 😀

  14. My first cat was known as Kitty, as well. (His real name was George but only the vet called him that.) 🙂

  15. I have a cat named Kitten….

  16. Does anyone know what breed Mouse is? He looks exactly like my daughter’s cat and we’ve always wondered what kind of a mix he was.

  17. Every dog my aunt and uncle had was named Dog, and every cat was named Cat. Their kids had proper names, but were always called Boy, Girl, and Baby Girl.