From Hell’s Heart, I Squeak at Thee

Gentle reader, beware! The defensive shriek of the Namaqua rain frog (breviceps namaquensis), captured in this video by YouTuber Dean Boshoff, is so shrill, so piercing, that 200-pound grown men have filled their ears with cement to escape its otherworldly cry! Listen for yourself — if you dare!



  1. Kootiepatra says:

    So what Star Wars movie was this from? o_O

  2. Puglets rule says:

    OMG! Are you kidding me?

  3. [tiny squeaky voice] khhaaaaaaan![/tiny squeaky voice]

  4. CrankyAmy (@CrankyAmy) says:

    And then it looked into the camera, and we all squealed in delight/terror. It would come for us in our nightmares.

  5. Looks like Beaker.

  6. Either God or evolution has a very weird sense of humor …

  7. That has to be the most cutestest thing evah!

  8. Not Star Wars. Star Trek.
    And before that, Moby Dick. *takes off SuperGeek glasses, drops mic, walks away*

  9. PS I must be some huge sucker, because I keep thinking “Ya big dope, can’t you see the leetle things is upset?? Back off!”

  10. phred's mom says:

    the voice, those eyes!

  11. This guy is adorable!! I just love his angry squeak 🙂

  12. He are darned serious about stuff! Myeeeeah!

  13. PS: Up top, NTMTOM. 😀

  14. Come here little dude. I’ll keep you safe.

  15. I think Kootiepatra may be asking what SW movie this… thing came from, not the quote. It’s more appealing than Jar-Jar Binks, I think we can agree on that.

  16. The pugs are all head tilting to see where the new squeaky toy that squeaks itself is!

  17. musicfoodbeerbikes says:

    That was not funny, at all. I now have a 120lb Rottweiler standing on the sofa next to my desk and looking behind my monitor for the squeaky toy…..

  18. I think he’s getting across his point–LEAVE ME ALONE–very well!

  19. 😆

  20. Sounds like an agitated mouse.

  21. Dorianna is wanted to know where her new toy is! There has to be one since she heard a new squeaky!

  22. kibblenibble says:


  23. Pip, meet Squeak.

  24. Totes. 😉

  25. “Back off, or I’ll give you SUCH a pinch!”

    I also like how the force of his squeak causes him to stagger backwards.

  26. I’m gonna ruin your day.

  27. Big fat blorp with a teeny tiny peep. Unreal!

  28. SlaveToCat says:

    The cat is still laughing till this day.

  29. Oh, for crying out loud.

    That’s all.

  30. SlaveToCat says:

    I think he is trying to say he has sand in his bathing suit.

  31. 😆 I want to see a picture of THAT, musicfoodbeerbikes 😆

  32. fleurdamour says:

    I can’t believe there isn’t muffled giggling in the background soundtrack. Whoever filmed it has iron self control. I would have been snorting and hooting..

  33. Artist (Formerly Known as Frog Prince) performs his hit “When Bugs Cry”

  34. Blue Footed Booby says:

    That might just be the least threatening threat display I’ve ever seen. It’s pretty much just making me want to squeeze him.

  35. That frog has been every where on TV today 😆

  36. That was what got me, too. I kept waiting for him/her to zoom off in 90 directions at once, like balloons do.

  37. mine, too. though i must say, sounds like hungry-angy kitteh!

  38. The Original Jane says:

    Or other areas.

  39. joools in PDX says:

    Strange eyeballs. Like horizontal goat eyes. Gives him a menacing look ROFL.

  40. It’s a Muppet!

  41. I can’t be certain… But I think this little guy may not be as scary as he thinks he is.

  42. my cats where very interested. too cute

  43. I was pretty sure they were jingle bells, proving that this creature couldn’t be real.

  44. I just want to know what is actually scared of that teeny-tiny-eep!

  45. i WAANT to LOOVE it!

    When our youngest (now 10 yo) son was itty bitty, he’d pick up our chihuahua or kitteh or weiner dog, or if he’d hop on your lap for snuggles he’d exclaim, “i WAANT to LOOVE you” with the emphasis on “WANT” and “LOVE”. Don’t know where he got that, but it was darned cute and has become part of our family’s vernacular.

  46. OOh, I forgot to say how his eyes look like jingle bells!

  47. lisaLASSIE says:


  48. lisaLASSIE says:

    Well, I just think he is one of the funniest and most adorabale animals in the galaxy, with his round body, round mouf, skinny leggies: and that sqeeeeeek!

  49. Flufferbutt says:

    My cat just squeezed her way under my laptop looking for the source of all the squeaking.

  50. So cute, yet so annoyed! He reminds me me every-so-slightly of Beaker from the Muppets, especially when squeeking in profile.

  51. 😯


  53. BFB — this reminds me of ….. THIS!!!!

  54. I think that Mike made this lil guy up. I’m gonna stomp my feet, cross my arms, sit in the corner and refuse to believe this is an actual creature.

    In a Related Story:
    My Last Name [truly] is Thomas.

    Doubting Thomas

  55. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:


  56. LOL!!! My EXACT words.

  57. 😯

  58. I had three pairs of ears focus on the iPad while I watched this. They weren’t quite sure what to make of it…….

  59. I totally read that post title in Ricardo Montalban’s voice.

  60. Well butter my butt & call me biscuit !

  61. He/she is adorable! Want!

  62. Alice Shortcake says:

    Well, that was enough to send my normally sedate 10 year old cat out of her mind. She’s now running frantically round the room in order to find and destroy the Dreaded Squeaky Toy of Doom.

  63. Alice Shortcake says:

    Yes, that adorable squeak is more suggestive of “OMG, I’m covered in horrible gritty sand and it’s rubbing against my delicate areas and I WISH I’D STAYED IN BED THIS MORNING” than “Get out of my personal space, intrusive human with a camera, or face the unleashed terror that is my wrath”.

  64. You know, I’ve never posted here and I come here daily. I have replayed this frog video over and over. I can’t stop laughing! Actually, I think froggy needs some WD40!

  65. That´s just too redonkulous! 🙂

  66. I want to know what noise he would make it you picked him up and gave him a squeeze…

  67. Try 5 Greater Swiss and one Pyr/lab mix doing about the same thing. I gotta get them out of here before I click on that otter video.

  68. He’s cute enough – and squeaky enough – to be a puppeh.

  69. I was trying to figure out the eyes! Jingle bells are a perfect description! Thank you! 🙂

  70. SlaveToCat says:

    And you founded an English Muffin Company in your spare time.

  71. It freaked out my kittehs too! Which of course made me play the vid several times. 🙂

  72. give it whatever it wants, for the love of god! give the adorable squeaking blob anything it wants before i die from the cuteness! aaawwwwgghghhhhhh!!!

  73. It’s only natural enemy is the squeaky-ball obsessed terrier.

  74. Not such a great defensive cry. The second he started squeaking, my cat ran in from the other room and stared at my screen. Shouldn’t his cry *repel* predators?

  75. I love it! So adorable! I can’t believe it existed if not for the video!

  76. BWA HA HA

    I know that combining those two points in that way!!!

    BadKitty WINS

  77. It’s not just dogs who go crazy of this. My cat was sitting in my office and when I started watching this (again) she came over to the desk. I didn’t connect it until she started pawing at the speaking and saying, in meow-speak, “Animal trapped in the box? Baby animal?”

  78. speaking –> speaker

  79. *falls off chair laughing*

  80. BWA HA HA BadKitty!!!

    MOST excellent logic/ deductions… or maybe I’m not clevaire …
    Because combining *the sound* and *its effects* of bystanding animals,,,

    and then analyzing the results …. didn’t occur in that way to my pea-sized brain
    and your assessment is DELIGHTFUL.

    I hereby declare BadKitty to be THA WINNAH
    by a landslide (or a frogslide? …. or… something…)

    (PS: I attempted this note a moment ago but errors were still there
    when I hit “post”; so the MegaComputers of CO might have posted two versions of my “comment”(s) )

  81. 🙂

  82. SOMEbody (theoretically a possible relative) did !!!
    You gotta KNOW that one of the regularly stocked groceries in our family’s refrigerator was a pkg of Thomases English Muffins !!!

    EVERY Sunday morning Bay-bee!!! 🙂
    (Along with eggs, sausage, fresh-squoze OJ, etc etc…)

  83. Very nice logic!!!

  84. 😯

  85. luv this.

  86. *tsk, tsk, Saffron*

  87. Oh I am! I am skeeert!

  88. And you live in England in the 15th-16th century. I’ve been reading Hilary Mantel’s books about Henry VIII’s court, “Wolf Hall” and “Bringing Up the Bodies” and it’s like EVERYBODY is named Thomas. Thomas Cromwell, Thomas More, Thomas Wolsey, Thomas Cranmer. I mean, everybody doesn’t have to have a precious special name like Leaf Rose Tallulah Schwartzman Lookatmee Snowflake Kowalski, but use some imagination, people. 😯

    PS: I actually really like the name Thomas.

  89. It’s not the noise he would make that concerns me, it’s the substance he would make. *ew*

  90. And this is why I always watch CO vids with the sound low and make sure both Lady (k9) & Casey (feline) are asleep, they’d both go nuts over this.

  91. He (she/it?) uses his whole body to squeak!

  92. Telzey Amberdon says:

    Well, someone has a very strong opinion about something!

    Heh, my cat Gaius is REALLY interested in introducing himself to whatever was making that noise.

  93. Hey, my friend also has a cat named Gaius!

  94. fleurdamour says:

    Your name is Fird Thomas?!

  95. fleurdamour says:

    We can call this one Squeaker. He’d make an awesome Muppet!

  96. I dunno why he didn’t make it on this comic:

  97. Are we sure this isn’t Simon’s FROG?

  98. Alice Shortcake says:

    Good point, Leilani. He really deserves his own cartoon series!

  99. ok full disclosure time. (Gee I hope no Internet Piracy/ Privacy
    Bad Guyz happen to be reading this particular blog in CO today).

    Mon vrai nom c’est Leslie (D.)Thomas. (no Snowflake Kowalski suffix)

    Mon “nom de plume” ici a CO c’est Fird Birfle (a ce moment-ci). Previously there were other screennames also.

    The name Fird Birfle (to my best knowledge…there could be prior history of which yo no se the details ….)
    derives from a character named in a WONDERFUL running skit from the show Laugh-In. There was a family with a mom who *might* be seeing the milkman “on the side” , etc etc.

    And I’m often *NOT* precise and correct with my name, vocab & stuff here’bouts, ‘cuz in mah schooldays back in the Pleistocene Era, I did decently well on all them standardized “fill in tha bubble with a No Two Pencil” tests on grammar, spelling, then later took foreign languages and studied grammar rules of THOSE. so eet’s MOAR FUN to be playfulzzzz

    Cue the Doors song.
    ?? “This is the End”[of this essay]???

  100. Myrna Skogland says:

    Yep, God has a weird sense of Humor, to make Ardvwarks, a platapus, ants who sing while they work, and the cutest little frog who sounds like a kitten-among our weird and wonderfilled planet. I nerely fell off my chair, laughing , should have seen my Cat Monkey-Poo’s expression — like another cat, where is that cat -in my domain?

  101. Any one else want to wrap him up in a blanket and feed him hot soup?

  102. Just out of curiosity, How many deserts are there in a rain forest?

  103. *giggle*

  104. You get the Best Kitty & K9 Mommy Award!!!

  105. ….who filled that poor frog with helium? 😯

  106. Now I’m convinced we’re all living in the Matrix.

  107. Thanks Fird

  108. maybe he has sand in his swim trunks …