Our Cute OverLords Have Landed

This is Buddy, their leader. He is going to take over the world.




Brian L. reports: “Bought a DSLR camera for Christmas with no photography experience. Think I got lucky because nearly everyone that has seen these photos has been very complimentary. Helps finally having a nice camera. Obviously a Yorkie…14 wks old. His name is Buddy.”



  1. I surrender to your cuteness!!!

  2. The world doesn’t stand a chance…he has taken over my heart already!
    (Adore the running/flying shot!)

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    He’s welcome to take over my world. Today.

  4. SHUT UP! I mean… seriously! SHUT THE WHAT UP!!!

    Erm… I am sorry I was overcome by the CUTE. Occasionally, rational overcomes the present. 😉

    Again.. SRSLY!

  5. Hoverpup !

  6. What a wonderful, expressive little face! Snorglishious!

  7. Hover-yorkies, we are ready for your invasion. Please start with my apartment first; I’ll send you the coordinates.

  8. I for one welcome our new fluffy cute overlords.:)

  9. Omg I want!!

  10. Overlord Buddy…your wish is my command. My cats will not be pleased. (sigh)

  11. Brian L. has a cute dog and a very attractive lady friend.

  12. I am in serious cute pain here and the only cure would be a round of cuddles with Buddy so send him to me STAT!

  13. 😀
    My kittehs will not be amused either.

    But I would willing obey that adorable prosh doggeh face.

  14. Our world would really be so much better if Buddy ruled it!!

    Also, SQUEE!!

  15. assploding rainbows here! too much qte

  16. sabrina rose says:

    Seriously adorable dog! I hope we see lots more of him. Maybe there could be a “Darling Doggy” gallery of all the especially well posed (i.e. minimal background clutter) canine photographs….makes me want to go upgrade my camera and my skills. And obtain a Yorkie, of course!

  17. He. Has. Button. Eyes.

    As you wish, your overlordness….

  18. Photos still are not appearing in the preview panes for CuteOverload in the Pulse app for iPad. It’s been three weeks or so. Also, each writer’s thumbnail avatar appears as a photo in each CO post. Hope all this gets addressed soon, bc it has made me skip my usual daily dose of CO. 😦