Just Admit It!

NO. Nemo is not in the tub. Well, maybe he was, but I’ll never tell!

Emily S.’s kitty pleads not guilty of needing a bath.



  1. SlaveToCat says:

    CataBieber caught by the paparazzi leaping out of the pool and into the arms of a married woman. What will Selena Gomez do now.

  2. Senor Gata no esta un ” happy camper”.

  3. I fear for Emily’s safety…kitteh is plotting revenge (which, as Khan Noonien Singh pointed out, is best served cold…I’m just saying).

  4. Aww, poor baby. Those pawsies sure look firmly embedded in the arm flesh there.

    *sits and waits for nuffers to start screaming about how you should never wash a cat*

  5. Impending Doom tag needed for this post…and I don’t mean for the kitty! 🙂 Watch your back, Emily!

  6. a wise thought…

  7. Been there, tagged that.

  8. What fresh hell is this?

  9. One of my favorite quotes! (dorothy parker…and please excuse my lack of upper case letters. my phone makes it impossible!) it fits so many situations! ( :

  10. LOL some one is asking for it. and Hmmm I have never gotten into the tub with the kitties for the occasional bath and still I always get as wet as the kitties do… go figure.

  11. Someone is going to get it 😆 Right, kitty? 😆

  12. Senorita… calico = girl kitty.