In A World Where Puppehs And RC Toys Collide…

iMovie and DINCARNATIONS present: KIMGEE WARS: Hailfire Droid vs. Cute Maltese Puppeh.


As you can tell, Damian W. helmed this effort. DW? Mr. Spielberg is on line 1.


  1. Too much movie slogans not enough puppeh for my taste.

  2. hmmmm.. technology vs. sproingy puppeh ….?


    No need to even release the film. The battle has already been declared!!!

    white floofy puppeh FTW!!!

  3. I for ONE welcome our SPROINGY overlords. ;)

  4. OMG, I want to see that as a feature length movie. Side sproinging!!!

  5. Adorable, but that is definitely not a maltese.