Hippos ‘R’ Us

At Hippos ‘R’ Us, we’ve got Hippos in all shapes and sizes.  Big ones, small ones.  Short ones, tall ones!

Hip Hip…Hooray! Stop in…today!

[Two rhymes in one post. Epic. -Ed]

Alex T’s photo from Kruger National Park.


  1. It’s the Summer of Love! All Hippos welcome in San Francisco.

  2. bob drummond says:

    If they do come to San Francisco , be sure to make plenty of room for them or else there’s gonna be one heck of a mess in San Francisco !!!

  3. bob drummond says:

    … by the way , it’s only February , not the summer of L-O-V-E !!!

  4. Make sure hippos wear flowers in their hair… :)
    Are they hippos or hippies? Or hippoies?

  5. bob drummond says:

    all those ad slogans sound strangely familiar !!!

  6. Well if you have a selection, then I’d like a pygmy hippo, please, dark gray color with possible pinkish hues. Soul-stealing eyes and nommable earses would be appreciated. Thank you!

  7. Oh yes, a pygmy hippo = a PIPPO!!! Yes please!! :D

  8. A pippo! DivaPie you are a genius!

  9. Hip! Hip! Hippo!

  10. WOT? No “Blorp” Tag ???

  11. Short ones, tall ones, fine ones, kind ones!

  12. There was long ones, tall ones, short ones, brown ones, Black ones, round ones, big ones, crazy ones.
    Out of the middle, came a lady. She whispered in my ear, Something crazy!
    She said, Spill the wine, take that pearl!
    Gotta love War. One of the best music acts ever.

  13. Ah, yes, “Spill the Wine”– great song. I was quoting this one, though:

  14. Mary (the first) says:

    (singing) “Mud, mud, gloooorious mud!”

  15. Kruger Park? I always think of that youtube classic, “Battle at Kruger.”


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