When We Get Down…

..this is how we get down. In Miami.

Yo, it’s the Miami Dogs (ft. The Bark4Green Dogs) from Keith H.



  1. I was actually expecting another Harlem Shake vid. It seems like everything I click these days turns out to be a Harlem Shake vid. 😛

  2. Am I the =only= person who doesn’t know what a ‘Harlem Shake’ is? Not like a ‘Milk Shake,’ I would guess. OOT = Out of Touch.

  3. I’m right OOT there with you, Brinke.

  4. Why, Google it, Brinke. Like a person. 😀

  5. I just found heard & saw the Harlem shake for the first time yesterday so don’t feel too OOT folks ! This video makes me want to go back to Fla. SOOOOOO badly but then I remember they don’t let animals into human emergency shelters before hurricanes & that makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOO sad. But I still want to go back for a visit ! I never did see South Beach at night the year I lived there. :o/

  6. Nina bears an uncanny resemblance to my aging great aunt Rochelle, also a resident of Miami. (Transplant from the North Shore, near Boston.)

  7. Smallthunder says:

    What? Am I the only person who is upset that lil’ Nina never got a chance at a treat in the video?

  8. And me.