Thees Kitteh Look Familiar 2 U?

Prolly so!

That’s ‘cuz thees kitteh ees on today’s 2013 CO Calendar desktop page!

Her hoomin Danielle says “Honey doesn’t fit in my pocket anymore. I love your site and have bought the calendar for the past 3 years in a row. Keep up the good work!”

[Three years in a row! Outstanding. And we appreciate the kind words. -Ed]




  1. Aww, Honey is still so beautiful and fluffy!

    I have a picture of my two fur babies cuddled in their first cat bed, and then a fast forward to one where both are spilling out less than a year later. 6 years later, I still have that bed and neither of them can barely fit in there..

  2. Calamity Jane says:

    Adorable kitty, beautiful cat!

  3. How gorgeous is she! No need to fit in a pocket, she’s plain adorable as she is.

  4. She is a beautiful calico, and obviously well-loved! Thank you for sharing her with us.

  5. Still a cutie!

  6. She is purrfection purrsonified. A honey indeed!

  7. Randall Patee says:

    That is just AWESOME!- especially with the grown kitty next to her CO photo in the pocket! Terri from Indy

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  8. Honey is the perfect name! What a sweet face and beautiful fur.

  9. Seems everyone has the same thought. Beautiful, floofeh kitteh. Must be so fun to cuddle her.

  10. SlaveToCat says:

    My sympathies pretty kitty. We all have that favorite shirt we used to fit in.

  11. what fun to imagine that they can no longer fit there.

  12. agreed.

    However it’s nifty that you took the newer pic with the note and I luv the apron with little red hearts on it 🙂

  13. You will simply need to purchase a larger robe. Consider it an out-of-pocket expense!

  14. Honey is stunning. What a lovel coat.

  15. Golf clap, Oakley. Nicely done,

  16. YAY!

  17. Is she a calico or a tortie? I thought calicoes had solid patches of color while torties have been dipped in the orange-stripes bucket and then the black bucket of paint.

    Honey is gorgeous either way, of course.

  18. Lemme tell it! I loves my CO calender. It sits on my vanity and reminds me to take my Levothyroxine pill each day (it also reminds me to smile). You guys are witty, silly, a little irreverent, have a “different” sense of humor, and are just plain fun; so is your calender.

    Also, when I tear off a page that’s especially good and/or goofy, I set it behind the calender and put it in my 10 year old son’s lunch box where he shares it with his Montessori buddies. I tell you it’s Montessori because I want you to understand how much they appreciate it, too. They have all grown with a teacher that has helped instill a love of animals, nature, and every living thing. Course, we instilled that in both of our boys, but it’s exceedingly nice to know that the same philosophy is nurtured at school.

    So thanks, once again, CO for the many ways you have positively touched so many lives! 😀

  19. First I mistook this for cat shaming.

  20. I did too!

  21. SlaveToCat says:

    Cats can not be shamed by mere mortal humans.

  22. Comment of the year so far IMO 🙂 #WIN and thank u for the nice words.

  23. She’s stunning!

  24. AWW 😀 Honey, you can drap over your loving owner’s shoulder 😀 I would just LOVE to see a picture of that 😀

  25. Calicos have orange, black, and white. Torties would have just black and orange.