You will simply not believe this, folks.

Holy Bat Videos, Teresa C!



  1. When it comes to bats, I alternate between “Awwwww, how cute” and

  2. Who is Priscilla and can I work in that office too?

  3. This year’s Halloween parade was lea by a batyawn twirler.

  4. I think bats are mostly cute, but the yawn! The yawn Soooo Biiigg that it induces twirling!! I almost died right here in my chair.

    Awesomeness. Nice to see someone else understands these valuable and darling mammals need some good PR after all the evil (and false) rumors spread about them for so many years.

  5. SoCratesX53 says:

    Mmmm…..strreeaaaatttcchhhhhh….who’d a thought a bitty batty could be so head asploding cute!!!

  6. Gah, I now want a whole nest of these to roost in my closet right now! Cutest little bat mousketeer I’ve ever seen.

  7. indeed! it’s a wing-ed mousie! with giant pink-lettuce ears!

  8. lisaLASSIE says:


  9. I was thinking I’ve never seen a bat that looked SO MUCH like a mousie!! That tummy was just begging for petting!

  10. Maybe it’s just me, pob is… but it sounded like he farted as he was spreading his wings. Just sayin’

  11. why yes, yes that is the world’s cutest bat.

  12. it’s salmon colored, people!

  13. It’s foot looks busted.

  14. From the context I’d guess that Priscilla is a previous bat visitor, of the same species as this one, but a bit larger..

  15. When they hang by only 1 foot, that means they are relaxed.

  16. No wonder the little cutie was yawning and stretching…..he couldn’t possibly sleep with all the banging going on in the background.

  17. StormCat42 says:

    *groans* Hee hee

  18. StormCat42 says:

    As I watched this little Batty do his/her thing knowing how cute he/she must look, I couldn’t help but think to myself: “Dang that little critter’s got some serious toe muscles to hang like that!!”

  19. Bats are my favorite animal EVER &this video is just SO FREAKING CUTE I’M ABOUT TO EXPLODE 😀 😀 😀

  20. Or,

  21. “Could someone stop that incessant banging?!” *Yawn*

  22. Such a cute li’l Chiroptera!
    Remember sweet Li’l Drac?

  23. I am soooo glad this made it here! I saw it the other day and was in full squee mode for quite a while…THE YAWN!!!!!! So adorbs!

  24. Kari Callin says:

    I want 2 of them, for a dual purpose: to dangle from my ears like earrings, and 2: when people stop me to say “Those are GREAT! How’d you get something so realistic loo….AAAAAAUUUGH!” and hear them scream when they move. 😉

  25. I’d be the one weirdo to stand there awwww-ing and then try to steal the earrings 😉

  26. Couldn’t agree more!!

  27. Go For It! Well, in the yard, not your closet. Home Depot sells them!

  28. That’s a cutie but that video of orphaned bats last week just cannot be topped. Bats nuzzling each other and people? Bobble-headed bobbing and independently moving ears:

  29. Alice Shortcake says:

    *yawns in sympathy*

    I’ve never understood why bats get such a bad press. They’re just mice in leather jackets.

  30. All I can say is, I have never seen a bat so cute – ever. My head completely exploded from his cuteness and I am going to be cleaning my brains off the walls for weeks….

  31. Sweet wee chiroptera!!!

  32. Totally agree! This little cutie just made me smile bigger than I have all week! Well, OK, it’s only Sunday, so maybe that doesn’t mean much but so squeee!!! 😉

  33. That is so awesome! If I ever get a yard, I want a bat house.

  34. The truth. Bonus points if they came to my house and eat all the annoying mosquitoes.

  35. omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omgomgomgomgomgomg please give him to me

  36. 🙂

  37. Bats are the new fennecs. Ever seen a fennec fox hang upside down by one leg? Hah, didn’t think so!

  38. I’d be earring-stealing competition!

  39. I was going to just die right after that first yawn, but I had to stay alive long enough to watch the rest of the video… and then I had to survive to read the comments… but I can die now.


  40. Straight up Gangsta!

  41. I felt like going through my monitor to find out who is doing all that annoying banging and take that poor sweet little bat to another room so he/she can sleep 😀

  42. BatBlaster says:

    Reminds me of the bat costume I made. I used wooden dowels attached to felt wings.

  43. BatBlaster says:

    Actually, the toe muscles relaxed position is the gripping position. makes sense if you think about it

  44. BatBlaster says:

    Big ears are in this year.