Emma’s Big Adventure

Like many other CO Peeps living in the USA NE, Cynthia W. had to contend with the effects of last weekend’s Winter Storm Nemo. It appears that she also had her own personal Mini Snow Plow to help dig out.

“I’m sub-meeting a video of my 14-year-old Westie, Emma, doing her famous snow plow routine in Zuccotti Park, NYC, the day after Nemo struck. At her age, she mostly sleeps but when there’s fresh snow outside, she gathers up all terrier energy and enjoys the season. (I love your website. Thank you for giving me a place to go for smiles every day!)”





  1. She is adorable!!!!

  2. So much energy in a 14-year-old doggy! How much is 14 doggy years translated into human years? Anyway, it’s visible that Emma is taken care of very well, and that she is loved. Lovely post! 🙂

  3. 1: Thanks Emma for providing the video!!
    2: FABULOUS WORK EMMA!!! SUCH ENTHUSIASM and floofiness!!!

    3: Thanks CO for sharing this with us!!!

  4. Awww! Such a happy doggie!

  5. oops proofread FAIL on my part.

    Item # 1 SHOULD have read “Thanks CYNTHIA for providing the video”.

    *face flaming red*

  6. Emma says Thank You for all the love and props on her floofiness!

  7. Emma says Thank You for all the love and props on her floofiness! Thank you from me (Cynthia), too 😉

  8. Snow is truly the fountain of youth (or yoot. or snoot.)

  9. Sambuca and Isabella Martini says:

    That’s our friend Emma! You go girl!

  10. Gloria Adelardi Mueller says:

    Her fans on Facebook adore her! She is just too cute and so very well loved by her mom!!!!

  11. Emma looks like snow with a face in the fave-frame.

  12. Great job plowing, Emma!

  13. Brrrr I’m cold just watching O.O

  14. oh Emma, you are adorable!! Such a delight to watch a 14 year old dog still having such fun and spunk! You made my day

  15. marie —

    re. “Spunk”, ca approx 1972:

    ( I wanted to embed just the particular clip from the MTM Show, but evidently corporate types (Fox??? I don’t understand how THEY’RE involved, but that’s what it
    said when I tried to grab the video clip) don’t want that to happen. However here’s a page which references it and perhaps a segment of the clip, which Fox/ corporate people haven’t located yet to demand its removal …. )