Snowball With Feet


[You done? -Ed]


[Can’t argue that logic. -Ed]

Spotted on The Webs.


  1. HOLY MOLEY!!! *the sound of a gob being smacked*

  2. It’s snack time! *plugging in kettle*

  3. I want an entire snow fort and snow ball piles with these snow palls with a face!! *splurt, and passes out from loss of blud*

  4. It’s Fizzgig!

  5. It’s the toofies. Gaarr!

  6. This looks like an inflatable impossibird.

  7. YES. Did you see that one photo Meg & co had of the three tiny birdees either a year or two ago during the cold weather?? It IS similar to that photo …they were sitting together on a branch…

  8. Affirmative. Oui. uh-huh. Yup. Si, senorita. Da. AbsoLUTELY.

    (etc., etc & so forth!!)

    Thx Gigi

    (interesting that that item was posted just about PRECISELY this same date, from 2010)

  9. That is my wallpaper at work ! I loooove that picture!!

  10. I think it might be a tribble with teefs.

  11. …plus eyes and nose to boot! Want, WAnt, WANT!!!!!!!

  12. The Original Jane says:

    If that’s full grown and still looks like a puppy, then I WANT!

  13. Alice Shortcake says:

    I feel an overpowering urge to juggle with three of these little creatures.

    Very carefully, of course.

  14. On some planets they juggle geese! Goslings,but geese!!!

  15. Wow we’re nerds.

  16. :lol:
    :Firefly” quotes at any excuse.

  17. [G-d, please forgive me this iniquity. Amen.]






    *ceases to exist*

  18. That. Cannot. Be REAL!

  19. Is this what a Susuwatari looks like after a bath?

  20. Tinkertoki says:

    I need this!!!

  21. This is just too cute to be legal!

  22. *vote/ agreed* registered from the Beyond.

  23. rescue gal says:

    Am I the only one who sees the ladies fingers and thinks “I am crushing your head”? (No, it is not a cruelty to animal comments, I promise)!

  24. rescue gal says:

    Aw- my comment wasn’t mean- it is a Kids in The Hall reference!

  25. Bottle Green says:

    What the what?!

  26. :)

  27. is this a Pom or a Pom cross? I NEED to know!

  28. 1) SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

    2) AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


    4) *splatz*

    5) *totally ded*

    (I’m done for, guys)

  29. Can someone whose hed has not esploded, or meelted, or ISN’T totally ded, pleeeese get the defribrithingy and revive the rest of us? There is a glitter and rainbow sploosh mess to clean up!!! (This here is from de grave as I es ded, too!)

  30. lisaLASSIE says:

    *wearing glasses too dark to see the picture, I set up assembly line to run peeps through defribithingy: get mop and bucket to clean up ‘sploded peeps, and wrap the rest back together with duct tape*

  31. Good call.

  32. Eeep! Nurse LL, I am also in need of your services after viewing the puffball/snowball of cuteness. Good thing it’s Saturday because I am in no condition to go to work now!

  33. *rises from state of *ded* long enough to lift sign: YAY NURSE LL!!!*


  34. Yea!! Dark glasses–good move! ;-)

  35. As overwhelmed by the cute as I am, I have to wonder, how do they keep this little one so white? He looks like they applied Crest whitening strips to his fur or something.

  36. Sploded totally!

  37. *screams like four year old girl*

  38. this seems an ENTIRELY appropriate way to respond to this pic.

  39. fleurdamour says:

    “The claw is my master!”


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