Pouch Potato

“Hey, I’m not a slacker. Y’know, I got things I wanna do with my life. Maybe study design, or go to Europe, sort my head out. It’s not like I’m going to be living in mom’s basement my whole life, y’know.”

Via Ina Fassbender/Reuters



  1. That is totally awesome!! When I was little, I used to crawl in mom’s pockets when she wore a certain hoodie. I was kind of a couch pig then. I love it. It was so warm. Your pad looks comfy and warm too. XOXO Bacon

  2. Is that an albino ‘roo? Whatever it is, it’s full of cute!

  3. You beat me to the question. Also, check out those eyelashes.

  4. Brilliant! And I do believe Joey has a bright future awaiting him…once he sproings into action.

  5. Those are some awesome eyelashes!

  6. He’s grown pasty from basement dwelling.

  7. If he just hangs out in the basement “staring at” grass, does that make him a ganjaroo?

  8. Finally!! Better puns than Oakley….thank gawd….

  9. You just watch it, there, whoever you are!

  10. I would be ever so willing to watch grass grow, if I could have a tiny albino ‘roo to watch with.

  11. Hehe, *plink plink*

  12. *mutters* I will not feed the trolls I will not feed the trolls…

  13. He lives in his mother’s basement? Probably a trekky 😆
    I can say that having married one 😉

  14. The eyes aren’t red, so I’m guessing no.

  15. In iPad’s Pulse app, no photo is appearing — neither in the preview pane or when I click on an individual post. With this entry, for example, all that appeared were text and a thumbnail of a Groucho Marx cartoon. This has been an issue for about a week or so. Thanks!

  16. Pouch Potato sounds like the latest snack offering at FastFoodJointOfYourChoice….mmmm, snacks….sorry, where were we? 😛

  17. Love our natives. Being ‘lil, albino and helpless makes him extra spesh.

  18. wow that does sound weird. The Gr. Marx bit is probably due to the fact that this post is from Not that Mike who has a Gr. Marx avatar on his name. You might want to also send a direct email to CuteO’s techno folks rather than under a storyline…

    Technical/Website Inquiries specific address:

    sysadmin (at) cutelabs.com

    Hopefully they’ll solve it in a few days. Remember that some places are gonna be on a three-day weekend (Pr’s Day); I don’t know what CO will do in re. that. But they’re conscientious and want CO to be A Good Thing.

    Good luck!

  19. I’m with you, tracylee – I started and deleted at least two replies… oh what the heck! DON’T MESS WITH OUR 260O OR ELSE… [glowering look]

  20. DivaPie is just jealous.