Could We Be Beamed Over?

Hey Bella?

Yeah, Bentley?

Just a few more inches and we’d be in the sunbeam.

Would that require us to move, Bentley?

Yes, Bella, it would.

I wish Bella and Bentley could get comfortable, Cassandra!



  1. Maybe if we wait a little, the sunbeam will move to us!

  2. Stressfactor says:

    That, or like my own little sunbather, the sun betrayed them by moving! How very dare it!

  3. I detect a stealthy hand giving stomach scritches!!

  4. I don’t blame it one bit – those tummehs look delightful

  5. Happens every time. Sunbeams cannot be trusted.

  6. It really is a sh*me that they aren’t more comfortable. Perhaps someone could slip a couple of soft satin pillows under their heads or something.

  7. On my second visit of the day, and for a micro-second, as I scrolled down the page, I wondered if I’d find these to in the sunbeam this time.

  8. Well the sunbeams do have a habit of moving when the day rolls on, so I’d say that was a perfectly valid expectation!

  9. Love the leg over the side of his lover.

  10. Cavvie bellehs *scritchy scritchy*