Blanket Statement

This bat is the cutest bat we’ve ever seen.

The lazy ear (or as commenter Theresa calls it, “Jeffrey Leonard One Flap Down”), the long and fuzzy muzzle with boopable black end cap and the giant shiny eyes more than qualifies it to be a major player on this website.

Via BuzzFeed



  1. We have a flap down! Deploy the blankie and warm meelk!

  2. Oh, melt my heart why don’tcha! *splash*

  3. I want to pop him in my mouf! For research purposes only, of course.

  4. He looks suspiciously like my Chihuahua 🙂

  5. Tim McDaniel says:

    I think bats are great. More power to bats. I’m in Austin, a major bat city.

    But frankly, “cutest bat we’ve ever seen” is a very low bar to clear. This is the first I’ve seen that has surpassed “creepicute”, and that only because most of its body is obscured. C.f. I think snails are cute but slugs are not.

  6. *kersploshtzed*

  7. Janet Aquadro says:

    Is it a fruit bat? It has the same eyes as my Chihuahuas

  8. Aww! He looks like he is about to sneeze. I love the ears and one squinchy eye. I make that face myself when I feel a sneeze building.

  9. I like this trend of bat-burritos! Can we have some more, please?

  10. Jeffrey Leonard One-Flap-Down!!! But this li’l bundle does not have a Penitentiary Face! (apologies for the ’80s baseball trivia) 😀

  11. One week and one day till I’m watching the Tigers!!

  12. Nice word. 😀

  13. He looks like the fur child in Little Fur Family by Margaret Wise Brown. (Somebody has mentioned this book here at least once before; who else remembers it?

  14. I’m pretty sure it is. They have the most canine (and hence least ugly) faces among bats. Love ’em.

  15. LOVE. HIM.

  16. That is so awesome, Ceejoe. Wave coquettishly at Justin Verlander for me. 😛

  17. I’ll be sure to do that (along with all the other females there)… 😉

  18. joools in PDX says:

    Town Lake bats! Congress Avenue bridge! I know it’s not called Town Lake anymore… just never you mind how old I am.

  19. Tim McDaniel says:

    OK, it’s the SECOND I’ve seen to exceed “creepicute” (which is probably a trademark of That Other Web Site).

  20. @ Theresa: is there a *particular* standard/ certified “coquettish manner” of waving, a la Miss Manners????

    Earnest Inquiry

  21. Looks like a bat wrap sandwich!

  22. Firdie, I’ll take a piksh. Here, looky: here i am with my girls, out on the town. 😛

  23. A bat burrito. 😀

  24. oops! testing….

  25. sowweee…no haz ebed skillz 😦

  26. mauderules says:

    I sure do and all of my nieces and nephews were brought up on it. Lovely book. Wonderful illustrations. And this bat is exceptionally cute.

  27. AWW 😀 What a cute little bat 😀

  28. bob drummond says:

    I think I’m going “Batty” over these guys ! 🙂 soooo cuuuutte !!!

  29. Chiroptera cutie!!!

  30. Comme c’est belle, Mme. Aussi la chapeau !!!
    Mes felicitations….

  31. Love to see bats in the blog. Once you get over how they don’t fit the cultural stereotype of ‘cute’, their adorableness shines thru.
    The innocent eyes of this little bat burrito just melt my heart.

  32. Thanks 😀