24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 9:26AM

Kristin W. loves these guys. Really, Really, REALLY loves them. Tell us ’bout it, KW:

“I get so overwhelmed by my pets’ cuteness that I’m often incoherent.”

[OK…..so that rules out you working with heavy farm machinery. -Ed]

“The kitteh is Butterscotch. The white rat is Reepicheep. The brown rat in the background is Lucy. I LOVE them! :)”

[Roger that. -Ed]

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…



  1. Boy, do I know how she feels. Just last night I told Chloe that she is so adorable, when I look at her I am afraid I will go insane.

  2. Yeah, sometimes when I look at my kittehs, I feel like my heart will just burst from too much love.

  3. Do you think people with human children feel that way, too, EVERY time they look at them?

  4. I don’t think Butterscotch shares Kristin’s feelings for the ratties. Just sayin’.

  5. Yeah, I think I’d be inchoherent, toofsn aazwvbrx ng

  6. AWW 😀 How sweet 😀

  7. I’m tellin’ ya, The Cute is dangerous.

  8. If I had a rat I’d name it Templeton. 😀

  9. I tell my Lily that if she gets any cuter I’ll have to report her to the police. I mean really, there are laws against this stuff!

  10. It depends. If my two year old is sleeping or laughing or playing nicely, yup. If he’s hurled himself onto the ground in full tantrum in public because he doesn’t like that the wind is blowing? I’m contemplating selling him to the circus, not how my heart will burst from love.

  11. SOME humans, yes, definitely. NOT all humans though.

  12. I LOVE the rats’ names.

  13. nicely stated. I think they’re in the books under “Enticement”/ “Loitering with the Purpose” ….

  14. I think I may be getting one of those newfangled digital cameras for my birthday, and if I can learn how to use it, I’ll send pictures of my kitties to here and maybe you guys will get to see how unbearably cute they are.

  15. Love the names!

  16. Do eet! 🙂

  17. In my experience it does depend on what personality the child is using at the time. When my child has allowed the demon personality to dominate, I contemplate using a straitjacket (on him? on me? It’s a toss up.) At other times, when he’s a snuggle bum or a smart ass, then yes. He delights my soul. Like when he makes up new nick names for me. “Mom. You’re a zoom-noodle.” “What’s a zoom-noodle?” “It’s a noodle that is eaten by a Great BIG monster! RAWR!!!” (A conversation that may be similiar to the one that our Badger cat has with my feet before he attacks my toes while I am Trying To Sleep!)

  18. Yes, do eet! I would love to see pics of your kittehs. ❤

  19. If I ever manage to do it, I’m just warning you guys you will have to wear special protective glasses to view Chloe.

  20. I thought Butterscotch looked a little skeptical of Reepicheep climbing all over her, too….

  21. I could just gouge my eyes out,pre-emptively, now, instead. Would that work?

  22. also skippymom? I’m not a professiona with fancy credentials or anything, but I think the main thing with taking pictures. involves pressing a button, somewhere on the camera.

    Hope that helps!!!

    Smooches from Leslie

  23. Yay! I was hoping for a ratty pic.

  24. Oh my girls are on cuteoverload! Have I mentioned how I love them? I’m so happy to know I’m not the only one who gets overwhelmed by the cuteness of her animal friends. Of course I’m pretty much overwhelmed by the cuteness of every animal everywhere. And yes, Reepicheep is definitely more into the snuggling than Butterscotch. Sometimes butterscotch snuggles the girls, but usually she tries to pretend she doesn’t see them. Obviously she has no hunting instinct whatsoever.

  25. Always had to bribe that one. Got happy and fat ending 🙂

  26. Body language on kitty….not so happy I think….but I guess you have to see them in person to really know.
    Glad the human receives so much pleasure from these guys, does a heart good.

  27. A rat named Reepicheep!?!?! Narnia FTW!

  28. More Butterscotch!

  29. Randy Patee says:

    Reminds me of my kitty named Butterscotch:) Terri P from Indy

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