24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 8:00AM

True Lof! Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone.

Photos excerpted from the National Geographic book True Love: 24 Surprising Stories Of Animal Affection. Pic 1: Photo by Klein-Hubert/Kimball Stock/National Geographic. Pic 2: Photo by Piotr Gatlik/123RF/National Geographic. Pic 3 Photo by Terri Moore/National Geographic My Shot/National Geographic.Pic 4: Photo by Richard Gwin/Lawrence Journal World/National Geographic. Pic 5: Photo by Norbert Rosing/National Geographic Stock/National Geographic. Pic 6: Photo by Adam Harnett/Caters News Agency/National Geographic. Pic 7: Photo by Tom & Pat Leeson/ardea.com/National Geographic. Pic 8: Photo by Klein-Hubert/Kimball Stock/National Geographic. Last pic: Yak ‘n’ Duck by Rebecca Grunwell/The Gisborne Herald/National Geographic.

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…



  1. Oh great, another book to add to my Want List.

  2. I see eyebrow dots ❤

  3. CritterMama says:

    Not to nit-pick but it’s a goose, not a duck. I’m from the farm–I know these things! Love your site!

  4. Yes, but can you really expect that yak to know the difference? I think not. 🙂

  5. Love the pile of sleeping puppies and there just happens to be a chicken behind them making a “What?” expression. Ha ha.

  6. Hogs and Kisses, everyone! OXOXOX

  7. Somehow that came out as though English is not my first language….

  8. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I was about to say “this reminds me of that hen sitting on a similarly colored golden retriever puppy” and post a link to the pic, when I stumbled on an article on that particular chicken.


  9. Alice Shortcake says:

    Don’t worry, skippymom. That happens to me on a regular bais.

  10. Alice Shortcake says:

    BASIS, fer pete’s sake. BASIS.

    Well, that proves my point, doesn’t it?

    *damn you, brain*

  11. *giggle* She said “HOGS” and kisses !!!

  12. I came up w/ a differerent caption for that pic.

    “YAK and Quack” (even if geese honk instead of quacking, it’s still pretty fun?)

  13. And I would like to be in the middle of each snorgle. I’m sure that can be arranged eh CO?

  14. The Cute is a very dangerous force, judging by what it does to our branes.

  15. Not to double-nitpick, but I’m also pretty sure that yak is a Scottish Highland cow. 😀

  16. well… bull.

  17. Bovine! 😀 Then you cover all your bases.

    And I also came here to nit-pick about that being a goose, not a duck. 😉

  18. Blame the keyboard! It’s ALWAYS the keyboard’s fault…

  19. Chicken looks like it will cut you if you come near its sleeping puppies. Chickens are scarey.

  20. awRIGHT

    my theory regarding Gremlins/ Computer World has begun to reach all the wonderful people out there in CompooterWorld.

  21. NOT to make it worserer, ceejoe ….
    but if it’s what I think ’tis, those NatGeogr. books sont wunderbar.

    I have one with a Black/ white photo of a lady with — no kifdding — a full
    (although perhaps it’s a model rather than an actual animal) CHICKEN HAT on her hed. Full chicken effect: wing feathers, entire body, etc. The pic is from like a county fair in the 1920s/ 1930s.

    AWESOMEST THING EVVER, altho’ skippymom might give me a run for my money on that claim …..

  22. AKA the first pic, natch!

  23. joools in PDX says:

    Me 3! Yay for Highland Cattle!!!

  24. I want a Snorgle Float…NOW!!! *stomps feet like 2 yr old* Where can I git eet? (It DOES come preloaded with the otters, right?)

  25. Critter, I wuz gonna say the same thing lol 🙂

  26. those are some pigs in the first pic.

  27. 6rabbits and Veruca Salt should be neighbors[nothing bad meant, 6rabbits!]:

  28. Gee, think I’ll change my methods–can’t stand this character!
    But you know, Fird, [wide-eyed innocent look_plus_butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my-mouth expresh] I’m just following the example of the many hallowed CO peeps that have come before me… 😉 😉