24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 6:29AM

Oh, hi there Judy! Wassup? “Sir Irving Tesla Paddington Baxter says Be Mine!”

DSCF0842 - 01

“Photos by me! Happy Valentine’s Day to all you Cute-Ologists!”

DSCF0863 - 01

“Thanks for filling our lives with Zee Cute!”

DSCF0867 - 01

“Extra shout-out to Brinke (who lives near my office! Not creepy – we emailed about this!) and Crazy Pants (who made Tesla and I overjoyed when you originally posted us!)”

DSCF0909 - 01
24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…



  1. Coffee Cup says:

    24 Hours of Cute is awesome. Can we have it for every holiday?

  2. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Oh my God that is the cutest dog ever. CURLY CURLY CURLY. Gotta be either a Golden Doodle or a Poodle. Huge curly kisses to her!

  3. I would need to quit my job so I could stay home and snorgle that boy to bits. Holy moly!

  4. Muppet dog alert! He makes the Mike Brady perm look good.

  5. Alice Shortcake says:

    *runs virtual fingers through the curls whilst moaning softly*

  6. Serious Princess Di eyes.

  7. Mah Tesla’s an Australian Labradoodle (Lab/Poodle/Cocker Spaniel mix)! 🙂

  8. I bring him to work with me every day, Rachael! All my co-workers snorgle him to bits!

  9. Seconded! Also, HAI, Brinke!!!

  10. Lots of people think he looks like Fozzie Bear, sugitomo!

  11. tesla: *wag* *wag* *wag* *soulful happy eyes*

  12. He totally gets whatever he wants with those eyes, Kar!

  13. He does! Except with longer and floppier ears. 😀

  14. Don’t blame you.