24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day (4:58PM TRIPLE Bonus Post!)

Colleen R. sent us this Spidey-Hedge shot. “Mom Penelope (right) and baby Maxine (left) are having a ball writing their Valentines!”

“Just a couple of Internet savvy hedgies living in suburbia New Jersey.” Got their own blog heyeah.

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…



  1. lisaLASSIE says:

    And the message they send out is: “Be my Valentine, I’m stuck on you.”

  2. Bet they signed them with a QUILL pen.

  3. Every day I wish I had the ability to curl in a ball like that and go to sleep.

  4. where do thse people get hegehogs? On this side of hte pond.

  5. I don’t know but I WANT!