24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 1:06PM

Cuteporter ADRIAAAAAN sez: “Here’s my dog Milo wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope he’s Cute enough for an Overload!”

(Looking for love in all the right places…and also a cookie!) Watch it ALL THE WAY til the end.

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…



  1. To Adrian (I’ve edited out a few letters there):

    Milo is not just SUPER cute; he’s SUPER *DUPER* CUTE!!

    I predict somebody named Theresa might show up here and state that in fact Milo is STINKIN’ CUTE….and that somebody else named skippymom will state that Milo is THA CUTEST THING SHE:S EVER SEEN and finally that someone name tracylee might show up and begin nibblin’ on Milo’s earses!!!

  2. sabrina rose says:

    OMIGOSH! So darling, so sweet! Milo is very very very adorable!!! It’s possible that even Boo may have some serious competition here.

  3. reporting for duty…

  4. HAY GUISE! 😛

  5. PS: I just want to say that I am completely ANNIHILATED by all the V-Day qte!!!

  6. Impossibly cute, downright dapper in that bowtie!

  7. *winky winky tl*

  8. There’s more where this came from. Promeesh. Tell all your frenz.

  9. *also winking @ la Therese*

  10. Adrian, As if the cuteness of the puppeh wasn’t enough to kill us ded you HAD to make sure we would keel over by adding the squeeky barks at the end ???
    TIMBERRRRRRR ! (thud)

  11. OMGOMG, O. M. G.!!! Milo has stolen a piece of my heart….. He is so cute I can’t stand it… I am now ded!

  12. emmberrann says:

    Da classical music soundtrack, de flooftastical earses, de puppehdawg eyes, I be dun for!!!

  13. Alice Shortcake says:

    Fird, isn’t there a Hello Kitty defibrillamajig round here somewhere? Because I’m in urgent need of the Hello Kitty defibrillamajig.

  14. Sorry, but that pupster CAN’T possibly be real. Adrian is a CGI fabrication, a figment of my imagination, a mindnumbingly cute hallucination…

  15. Aaaargh!!! Pupster’s name is Milo, not Adrian; Milo’s qte has rendered me a mumbling idiot, a slack-jawed jack@ss, a puddle of glittery goo at the base of my ‘puter…

  16. I love the “squeeka squeeka.”

  17. Now that’s too cute!!!

  18. full forest of thudders! cursed with cute you are, Milo!

  19. Well said!

  20. Dedly cute!! *gasp* Where’s the defibralllthingy?

  21. Oh holy cattle. Those barklets cannot be real. What sort of proshness is Milo, anyhoo? Oh yeah. ::::kathud:::

  22. *dies in an explosion of glitter and happy-happy*