24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 10:41AM

CO Gang, please give a big HI THERE to Medgar.


“He is a rescue from the South, with whom I shared my first, and only, winter in Upstate New York. He was a great companion and very patient. He did end up destroying the Valentine Garland and I kept finding glittery hearts melted into the ice for weeks afterward. Happy Valentine’s Day!” -Kat K.

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…



  1. ok.

    HI THERE to Medgar and to Kat K. !!!

  2. Aww, what a sweet guy. I love his smooch spot on his forehead.

  3. Faint eyebrow dots.

  4. *melt*

  5. Smooch spot; great term. Perfect target for the center of an outward-spiraling galaxy of smooches. So, Medgar, HI THERE and welcome to the Qte Community!

  6. HI THERE ❤

  7. and of course, the snow on his little dog lips….

  8. pink heart pic = Nicole Kidman buried under the ice in “To Die For”

  9. He looks a lot like my Australian cattle dog but with a darker coat

  10. The love that keeps giving. How special that he made your valentine’s day last longer than one day

  11. Randy Patee says:

    Ooh, I just LOVE his face, how all his hairs just curve with all the angles on his face-I could just gaze into that face forever! Terri P from Indy

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