Sleep Pondering

Conscious thought can be interrupted by distractions; the squirrel twittering outside, the sound of kibble hitting the bowl, the smell of sunshine.

That’s why I prefer to do my philosophical thinking while unconscious.

Super Bonus Cute Overload Extreme Toebean Closeup

“This is a pic of our little man, Davis. We love him so much, so, of course we think he is the cutest thing on earth.” We agree, Kristyn K.!



  1. The SMELL of Sunshine?? Wow. Crazy Pants is truly gettin’ INTO this whole Existentialist Gig!!

    YES Davis really is [one of ] the cutest things on earth !!!

    And that second photo really IS a Super Cute Extreme Toebean Closeup !!!

  2. Is it just me or does that pup have exedingly large toebeans?
    Not that it makes him any the less “the cutest thing on earth”

  3. His toes!!!

  4. You know what they say: the bigger the toebeans …..

  5. I’ve read this guy, he’s very derp. I mean deep. “An Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding” by Davis Hume.

  6. Dem toebeans are da perfick size-to NOM!

  7. Then he vould have an enormous schwanzstucker

  8. what?

  9. That goes without saying.

  10. Voof!!!

  11. phred's mom says:

    *singing* Ah, sweet mystery of life,
    at last …!

  12. sk’mom….

    I believe you are still bereft of and needing to watch
    le / la filme “Young Frankenstein”, ! That will help to ‘splain all the above;
    and eet’s FUN!!! GO RIGHT NOW and get/ watch that film !!

  13. and match the schnozzleage just fine.