For Your Consideration

Before attention

During attention

After attention

Eevee the Shiba Inu wants to be petted always, Tim C.



  1. KittyAdventures says:

    Of course i will pet you cute adorable puppeh!

  2. The line forms here?

  3. oh little fox bebeh! I will pet you all day… in exchange for just one teensy little favor *shifty eyes* OMnomnomnom

  4. Will you look at this little ginger sweetie pie.

  5. has anybody made the “ooooh FOXY baby” joke yet???

  6. Mah kitteh does dis ALL de time.

  7. What a gorgeous critter!! Breathtaking.

  8. Must keep petting….or his eyes will suck out my soul.

  9. As my friends often say, dogs have two time periods: Always and never.
    “You NEVER pet me!”
    “Pet me ALWAYS!”
    “You NEVER pet me!”

    (I’m fine with the always, btw!)

  10. Of COURSE this little dollink must be petted all the time! That’s what Shiba Inus are for!

  11. It DOES look a bit like an eevee…

  12. I thought it was a baby fox. If I didn’t read the commentary, I would still think it was a fox kit.

  13. Mary (the first) says:

    Me, too!

  14. foxy baby, indeed!

  15. The third photo’s hovertext sounds like it was written by my dog! He can’t imagine that I would ever spend my time doing something that doesn’t revolve around him. 😉

  16. I love that the name is Eevee!

  17. Love the hovertext captions!!!

  18. pupfanatic says:

    Hachi! Is that you?

  19. what a cute little thing…should be petted all the time!