Chugga Chugga




And just because you asked for it, Cute Overload Extreme Tongue Close Up!

Honey the pug via PBH2


  1. COXCU on zee tounge-let pleeez???

  2. omygosh, thank youuuu! :)

  3. fish eye no miko says:

    Looking at the first picture, all I can think is: Cab driver: “Don’t worry, ma’am, I’ll get you to the airport on time. I even know a short cut, so–OH MY GOD!!”

  4. phred's mom says:

    We’ve all been there!

  5. Love the coy first shot, the way the legs are splayed out in the second and third and the leetle bit of pink tongue in the last!

  6. you must tesch the leetle pinknish . . . it is magical.

  7. I love the kissing spot on the top of his head.

  8. To Honey: YES you ARE a honey !!!
    An excellent name for ya…

    You show those plushies who’s tha Boss in Yer House :)


  9. Do pugs have the sweetest ears or what?!

    We need a post with the top 10 best dog ears! Or maybe 15. :)

  10. I think I would have a heart attack

    in a good way, of course :)

  11. emmberrann says:

    Can’t do that, nope, no way, can’t choose one kind o’ ears more than any other kind, so sorry, too many nommables…

  12. Princess Di Eyes in first pic!

  13. Why do you tempt and seduce me so? My resolve is weakening . . . I have said, once my pair smooshed-face babies cross the rainbow bridge, NO MORE PUGLETS. well, maybe just one . . . but it would be lonely . . . so two more . . . M/B i just stay off cute. NEVER.

  14. Oh prinsas, once you’ve been pugged, you can never be pugless. I hope I have a pug or two until the day I cross the bridge myself.

  15. so Southern Fried, you are a pug enabler!


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