Twofer Toesday

The toes! Look at the …TOES! Those imposing, opposing fingo-toes!

Via The Telegraph. Bebeh orangutan photo credit goes to Sinar Sakti.



  1. And where is the privacy tailio? 😯

    Or is this the monkee/ape dealio where one has a tail and the other doesn’t? I can never remember…

  2. Can’t decide what I like better – grippy toes, or clampy hands (a la chameleons).

  3. joools in PDX says:

    Apes got no tails. Some Old World monkehs got tails but they’re not prehensile. Only New World monkehs can swing from theirs.

  4. LOOK at the green banana thing sticking outta the mouth!

  5. I know! I feel like I shouldn’t even look at this picture until someone Photoshops some undies on there!

  6. Is that a banana in your mouth or are you glad to see me?