Twofer Toesday

The toes! Look at the …TOES! Those imposing, opposing fingo-toes!

Via The Telegraph. Bebeh orangutan photo credit goes to Sinar Sakti.


  1. And where is the privacy tailio? 8O

    Or is this the monkee/ape dealio where one has a tail and the other doesn’t? I can never remember…

  2. I know! I feel like I shouldn’t even look at this picture until someone Photoshops some undies on there!

  3. joools in PDX says:

    Apes got no tails. Some Old World monkehs got tails but they’re not prehensile. Only New World monkehs can swing from theirs.

  4. Can’t decide what I like better – grippy toes, or clampy hands (a la chameleons).

  5. LOOK at the green banana thing sticking outta the mouth!

  6. Is that a banana in your mouth or are you glad to see me?


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