NYC Has Gone To The Dogs

The 137th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is on now in NYC- the Best In Show award is tonight. (And don’t miss this story about a little black French bulldog named…JOEY BAG A DONUTS.




Photos 1-3 taken by Lam Thuy Vo/NPR; Photo 4 by Todd Plitt/USA Today.



  1. Joey Bag a Donuts is a great name, though Bag a Munchkins might have been more appropriate.

    Love the WKC Dog Show. Though why is it on CNBC and USA and not Animal Planet?

    Also, check out Subaru’s very funny “Dog tested. Dog approved” ads, which the company’s been running during the dog show.

  2. hahah I can just hear that Afghan going “swish swish swish”

  3. But it is on Animal Planet, in Canada anyway I watched it last night.

  4. What a great name!

  5. Huh. Vedy intehvesting.

  6. I watch the WKC Dog Show the same way I used to look at the Sears catalogue before Christmas when I was a child.
    Me: I want this one and this one. Oh this one is my favourite. No! This one!! 😆

  7. not on An.Plan. here in Fla and I wuz a-wond’rin tha same…MY GUESS is that it came down to higher ad rates on CNBC???? Green paper seems to be
    the reason for 98.7 % of questions in the USA….

  8. EXCELLENT description Mlle Gigi!! I never thought of it that way!! 🙂

  9. Um no…. I think it’s 99.9%.
    I’m staying up till flippin’ (probably) midnight tonight, to watch a college basketball game. Note: these are COLLEGE kids – shouldn’t they be in bed early for classes tomorrow?? (winky, winky)

  10. BWA HA HA @ hoovertext/ Large Poofy Poodle.

    Afghan = elegance to the Nth degree!!!

  11. OOH OOH have y’all seen this puppeh cam?!
    these are yellow lab puppehs who are going to grow up and be service dogs!

    they wrestle and nap and play ❤

  12. gaahhh so I posted a link and one of the words in the url is a password to the mod lounge. harrumph!

  13. I wait for Westminster all year long and… I. Can’t. Believe. I. Forgot. To. Watch. Last. Night.

    Sh*me, sh*me on me!!!

  14. The American Foxhound is gorgeous. The French Bulldog was robbed. ROBBED, I tells ya!

  15. Nashvillemish says:

    LOVE! That a picture of an Eskie was posted. Mine has that same smile that just melts me every time.

  16. My money’s on the Monkey Dog tonight!! (Unless, by some miracle, the Golden actually goes through to Best in Show)

  17. Love the Monkey Dog so much! My fave is the Old English Sheepdog. But I’ll be cheering for the Golden for you. 😉

  18. Westminster is the only good thing about winter!

  19. Do you know that a Golden has never won Best in Show at WKC Dog Show.
    It’s seems to always be the same breeds with a few notable exceptions.

    For a complete list of winners:

  20. I’ll never forget jumping out of my seat the year Uno the Beagle won. Bow-woo-woo-woo!

  21. joools in PDX says:

    Monkey Dog? Do you mean the affenpinscher? If not I must know what is this monkey dog!? P.S. I can’t get the video link to work… =(

  22. Monkey Dog is another name for an Affenpinscher….it may literally translate to “monkey dog”, actually. The French call them Diablotin Moustachu = Mustached Little Devil.

  23. It’s another name for the breed….I think affenpinscher may literally translate to “monkey dog” The French call them Diablotin Moustachu which means Mustached Little Devil. LOL

  24. oops – sorry for the doubleish comment – I thought the first one disappeared into the ether.

  25. Yes, I did know that about the Golden. The judges are total snobs about them because of their popularity, imo.

  26. Looks more like a Wookie Dog to me.

  27. Which means gimmeasmoochieface in dogspeak.

  28. *raises fist in demonstration/ advocacy*

  29. UNFAIR!!! We join tl in protest.


  30. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    From the look on the poor poodle’s face, I think he’s had his butt shaved one too many times. And I’ll bet this puts me in the Mod Lounge.

  31. sabrina rose says:

    I would LOF to have that Afghan for my very own. The elegant stride, the masses of soft, fine hair. Sigh…if only I looked that good!

  32. Absolutely! I howled like a maniac that night. Uno was terrific!

    Rooting for the Foxhound this evening because I do love me some hound dawgs. And was I the only one thinking of “Basset Hounds running” when the Basset trotted around the show ring last night? ;-D

  33. lucky you, it didn’t! but I posted a link to a live-feed puppeh cam this morning and I’ve been in all day!

  34. wooo! I’s been released!

    Look up yonder ^ in re puppeh cam link!!

  35. I once got to interview a giant poodle at a previous Westminster. It’s really hard being shaved like that. Just sayin’.

  36. Those commercials were cute. They ran them during the Puppy Bowl, too. 🙂

  37. Oops. Hey, what’s for snacks in the lounge tonight?

  38. The year the scottish deerhound won, I called my mother on the phone and screamed!!!! First time for the breed!!!1

    and how come the handlers for the Pekinese are always 6’5″ and are all leg?

  39. In honor of the dog show, liver treats and beggin’ strips.

  40. I’m not a jewelry person but my moher and I always look at the huge carets that the judges wear. Just to get covered by dog saliva and open a rottweiler’s mouth.

  41. Southern Fried Pugs says:

    @HamiltonPug has been live tweeting the WKC for the last few days! He’s hilarious! And a pug.

  42. Yay! Monkey dog and Old Engish Sheep dog won!!! Yay for all the dogs.
    Kinda wish it wasn’t over though. Now I have to wait a whole ‘nother year to watch it again.

  43. Stayed up late last night to watch the dawg show. Totally worth the dark circles.

  44. Snausages.

  45. joools in PDX says:

    I always knew y’all were my People!! I feel the same… my husband rolls his eyes and leaves the room. I ask him how many hours of FOOTBALL I put up with… =)
    I’m glad someone understands me.

  46. Um…no thanks…