So, We Took The Mercedes To Argentina…

We get photos from all over the world, being a GLOBAL INTERWEBS PHENOMENON and all. This email just rolled in from waaaay down they-ah in Argenteeena.

“Hi!! My name is Mercedes M., I’m from Argentina. I took this pictures last December at the province of Chubut, in the Argentinean Patagonia. The penguins are at Punta Tombo, a protected area, and the sea elephants are at Punta Ninfas, that is not protected yet, so you can go there and be with them (just crossing the fingers so no one destroy the place). Love your site, I’ve been following it for years now and is the only medicine for blue moments. Love the comments over the picture!!”










  1. If I hide out in the corner, will somebody mind, to ‘splain to moi,
    about “no dominos”??? Me not unnerstan’ that ‘un …

    But all the Blorpiness and wrinkles are delightful!

  2. I think his blorpiness has been warned of the detrimental effects of eating WAY too much Dominos Pizza.

  3. Rule of Cuteness #27!

  4. Why is her blopiness so much cuter than mine?
    It’s the flippers and the whiskers isn’t it? 😉

  5. Correct! How else can ya get so blorpy? Well…maybe It’s-It’s ice cream sammiches. Google ’em. Out of this world.

  6. I lovez teh penguns!

  7. I’m sooooooo happy that you post my pictures!!!! Everytime I take pictures of cute animals I’m thinking if it is CO quality. I’m honored. Thank you so much!

  8. The first two pics remind me of The Ring.

  9. Yeah, somebody obviously had a superbowl party for one.

  10. Petagonia

  11. ohhhh I do know what D’s pizza is!! Cool I needed a “reference point” !
    yay & thanks!!

  12. awww at the “sea elephants” tag 🙂

  13. /iz ded frum blorp

  14. i counted thirteen chins

  15. Totally!

  16. Thank-you, Gigi. Finally, someone explains one of the great mysteries of my life. However, if I wait long enough, the whiskers might happen *moment of hope*, but I’m afraid the lack of flippers will still keep me outta the cute *hope dashed again….blorp, blorp blorping back to my coffee and croissant*.

  17. Mercedes, thank you for the wonderful pictures! And I know what you mean about CO being a cure for the blues! 🙂

  18. The wrinkularity in that last pic is just too moische for moi!

    Yeah, CO works in mysterious ways… and all of them are good.

  19. leaves of cat grass says:

    i love animals, especially the blorpier ones…

  20. The little pengees are like the ones that we have here at our local zoo – that I got to feed once! squeeeee!!!

  21. Adriana Bettinotti says:

    Y love all the pictures !!! And I’m very proud because Mercedes is my daugther !!! And congratulations to CO for making me smile.

  22. Maria de la Paz says:

    Mechi, I feel I am there with you. Absolutely beautifully funny and gorgeous. Thank you so much for shearing with us. Maria de la Paz

  23. Maria de la Paz says:

    I meant sharing:)

  24. Allison Clark says:

    Loose Seal! Loose Seal!

  25. #6 Deemands a tummy wub!!!

  26. Ma!!! qué sorpresa!! 😀

  27. Your absolutely welcome!! I miss you!

  28. DewiCasGwent says:

    As its Chabut in Patagonia Dioch yn Fawr Iwan may be more appropriate

  29. Cute cute cute