To the Birdmobile!

Engineering student Andrew Gray tried everything to keep his parrot Pepper from squawking. He built a squawk-activated squirt gun; Pepper liked it so much he squawked even more. At last, Gray saw an answer. He built a bird buggy that allows Pepper to roam around the house.



  1. i suppose there’s some benefit to not reminding a house-parrot that it has, y’know, wings, and stuff…

  2. The Original Jane says:

    This guy needs to get a patent – fast! This product will easily sell and make him some good money. And of course the bird was squawking all the time. African grays are highly intelligent and need lots of stimulation. Good solution!

  3. heh, is that a soda can pop top for a steering wheel?

  4. Awesome! I love the newspaper bedding on the pad underneath the bird to keep everything clean. Brilliant.

  5. That is very impressive. He was really steering and understood how to make it move forward. And he even drove it off the pavement, just like a human driver would. Just kidding. But I’ve seen worse…every day, come to think of it.

  6. Bright bird figured out how to drive and even how to turn! Bird brain indeed!

  7. As a bird owner, I find this a bit baffling. Amazing, but baffling. Every bird is different, of course. But I think my bird would think that this is not a particularly useful tool (because he can walk, run or fly to his destination faster) nor a particularly fun toy. My bird prefers to ride on me. With a tweak to the cheek or a tug on the hair, he can make me go anywhere he wants to go.

  8. He could run a cab service for other anipals: lazy lizards, torpid tabbies and the like.

  9. Love that Andrew Gray has an African Gray, perfect, and that the bird figured out how to drive, smart bird.

  10. Oh my god, what a genius of a man. Someone show this to Marc Morrone!!

  11. I thought birdy was delivering the newspaper! O.O

  12. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    I’m guessing the bird doesn’t squawk when it’s busy steering but I bet it has a lot to say about the way his car handles and how other drivers are just terrible.

  13. Anyone who grew up in the Miami vicinity (before it got all drugs-involved in the late 1970s & 80s forward), will already know what I’m gonna link up here [Parrot Jungle]:

    Parrot Jungle - Miami, Florida

  14. Our hamster could steer his blue ball, I mean, really well. Took corners doing 60 mph.

  15. My first thought was that it reminded me of the macaw named Blue from the animated movie “Rio” and his vehicle use at home with Linda!

  16. this is definitely going to change the migratory patterns.

  17. I’m pretty sure there are a few lazy members of each species. Furthermore, perhaps it’s an indication he’s as “intelligent” as humans, since humans seem to judge the ingenuity of an invention as directly proportionate to the amount of work it saves us!….Alas, I think he’s just having fun, like a kid on a toy car, or a teen on a bumper car, or an adult behind the wheel of a hot mustang!!

  18. I mean directly proportional

  19. Lol 😀

  20. Very impressive! He drives better than most people…

  21. HAHA

  22. He’s a much better driver than most of the people currently licensed in Massachusetts. 🙂

  23. Blue Footed Booby says:

    What kind of bird is yours? African greys are *scary* smart. Like, in some respects they’re on par with a four or five year old human child. Alex, the famous science parrot, would not only imitate speech, he’d chain words together to ask for specific food items, or to go to a room he liked. As in combining words he’d learned separately to form phrases that had never been used around him. He’d also mock and insult parrots who failed at the tasks he knew how to do (call them “dumb turkey”, no joke).

    My point is that it’s entirely possible that if he’s bored (which is often what incessant squawking means) he may drive around for fun.

  24. its wings are clipped.

  25. OMG THIS IS AWESOME. Anybody who thinks birds are “dumb” please come forward, and I will tell you that birds are in fact VERY intelligent! Just watch this video!! Amazing! I consider it a compliment to be called ‘bird brain’.

  26. SoCratesX53 says:

    LMBO!!! My first thought was paper delivery too!! Face…Palm…for both of us!

  27. beach2peak says:

    Andrew, how much to make one for my grey Hannah?

  28. My parrot would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!

  29. I agree! But he needs a version with a cage around the parrot for protection from other pets, etc., like ours needs from our cats.