Otto’s Snow Daze

Hi, I’m Otto. I live in Boston. This is my backyard. Got Ken Ma Hoomin here, along with my pal Scout. Wanna know what we’ve done this weekend?

Yeah, it’s like that.

Photos from Ken and Deidre D., who are gonna take me to Florida to make up for this. (I’m from Georgia!)







  1. Hey Otto, the Pats will probably need a new wide receiver this year! I am guessing Coach B is going to call soon to add your excellent catching skills to the team…. :D

  2. Somehow, I knew it would be a Boston terrier! And in answer to the question posed in the pic #3 hovertext… I suggest you speak to tracylee about that.

    Last photo – my soul is now yours, sweet pupper!

  3. *snicker*
    a nommed ear = my calling card

  4. where’s your ear? I nommed it clean off :)

  5. YAY TL :)

    *GO TEAM GO*
    *shakes TL pompoms*

  6. Why wasn’t there a warning before the last photo, hmm? We’ve already lost Rachael, and probably Theresa and skippysmom will go too. Not to mention all the long-term impairments it caused to my poor brain!

  7. I love it – where us humans may see a nuisance or back-breaking shoveling, the animals see a play land! So cute.

  8. yes, excellent shoveling job puppy-owner peeps!

  9. sorry – i’m not amused by the video. i know first hand chunks of snow can hurt – and that just seems a little dangerous to be chunking snow at a dog like that.

  10. I appreciate the concern, but the snow was only the softest fluffiest top coat and he loves it! This is the only thing that got him playing amd having fun in the snow!

  11. cacophonousdrunk says:

    [REALLY OFFENSIVE, SWEAR WORD-RIDDEN, UGLY, ATTACKING VERBIAGE DELETED] the snow from this storm was like cotton.

    [LOL to OP. -Ed.]

  12. It’s freshly fallen snow. It’s hardly more than powder. If it was heavy chunks, he wouldn’t have been slinging it about so easily. Unless he’s Superman.

  13. Especially in Boston – it was really light, fluffy snow this past weekend. I’m sure Otto is fine. :)

  14. Did Otto look the least bit hurt? That was one happy pup!

  15. Quick! Someone write a haiku about trolls living under bridges during snowstorms and throwing stones! –Haiku Impaired

  16. I love Otto! He’s so sweet!

  17. He has a snow cave! I want a snow cave. What more can anyone ask for?

  18. A snow cave with a Boston terrier in it?

  19. For true!

  20. Two years ago when we had a really deep snow here, my friends came to help shovel me out along with their 1-year-old pupster. Said pupster decided that jumping on the shovels and getting a ‘ride’ along with the snow was the best. Thing. Ever! It made shoveling a little more difficult, but it was a big morale booster!
    (Note: While with pupster, the snow did not get thrown, just plow-pushed to the side.)

  21. I love how the labradoodle is like “I’m OUTA here!” -runs for exit-

  22. Yep – he’s clearly thinking “Dude! Stop throwing snow at me! Not cool.”

  23. Cute owner!

  24. I’m in love with the last pic.

  25. Who is his Otto’s fluffy friend? What is his/her breed? They’re both so cute.

  26. thats Scout! Scout lives next door, he is a cockapoo


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